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Monday, July 18, 2011

Electricity in the Air: Using it for Health

Seems like we continue to experience dramatic weather events all over the world. Across Canada today, no matter where you are it seems, you might be dealing with some sort of event. Severe thunderstorm and hail watches and warnings dot the map. Yesterday an intense weather system involving sudden high winds affected an outdoor concert in Ontario, causing sudden evacuation of the event, a collapsed stage, and a number of injuries. In my part of the world, the humidity is extremely high and electrical storms are forecasted. At the same time, tropical storm Bret is brewing off the Atlantic coast with predictions it will change into hurricane status at some point in the near future.

I'm a weather junky I guess. I love weather events, the more dramatic the better. A little piece of me feels guilty about this, I understand the events can be destructive and in fact catastrophic to many and I don't wish that on anyone, nevertheless, I love to watch a good storm and have always appreciated the drama.

I have written lots of posts about weather events and how they affect our health .

If the threat of an impending storms makes you feel anxious, check out this post Although the picture suggests winter, Aspen is very helpful no matter what type of upcoming weather event and may be particularly helpful for thunderstorms.

Traditional medicine puts some emphasis on your body's reaction to the weather environment when matching remedy to complaint. I think that's something conventional medicine is missing out on a bit. Instead of fighting against our environment and the negative ways that humans have impacted the environment and in the process adversely affected ourselves, maybe we could work with the strength of environmental influences to enhance our healing?

Maybe there are certain medical treatments that are increased in effectiveness if used when the humidity is particularly high, or when low or high pressure systems are advancing. Surely all that electricity we feel in the air prior to and during an intense lightening storm could be helpful to effect change in our body if we only knew how to use it? There are more babies born during a full moon. Maybe we could use that knowledge to work with obstetrical advancements? Maybe we have this knowledge of environmental influences within our DNA and we have just forgotten how to use it?

Perelandra essences work specifically on our electrical system. Machaelle Small Wright, the co-creator of this line of healing essences, in "Perelandra Essences", suggests
"the oral solutions are taken to balance, stabilize and repair the body's electrical system and its circuits during times of illness, injury and stress. They are also taken for maintaining the overall strength and balance in the electric system."

Wright also reports the average adult's electric system is 47 miles long, if stretched out in a straight line. Hmm... 47 miles all curled up in your body must be impacted by a lightening bolt or two it would seem to me! No wonder your "spider senses are tingling" prior to a storm!

If you're considering using Perelandra essences, check out their website See if they feel right to you. There is a trauma solution, much like the idea of Bach Rescue Remedy, that is an easy way to get started with the essences. The solutions are available for both humans and animals. I have had clients use ETS Plus for animals to soothe the anxiety some animals feel during an electrical storm (which is what inspired me for this whole blog idea today). They seem to settle down quickly in response to the essence. I have also found a lot of people experience immediate favorable reactions to ETS Plus for Humans. It has helped for anxiety, for unusual aches and pains that may or may not be related to changing weather or environmental conditions, and for restless sleep.

So, during the lead up to storm activity, I will keep my own bottle of ETS Plus handy. And if I use it, I will consciously consider that anything I want to heal may be aided by changing electricity in the air instead of thinking that there is a negative effect from the energy.

Maybe "harnessing the power of nature" has a potential far beyond wind generated elctricty! To the power of thunder and lightening everywhere!


  1. Agreed...much like our own minds, we don't utilize what the Universe is giving us. It's such a challenge to change our negative thinking because it's habitual. We don't even realize what we are doing. We are all energy and the planet and atmosphere is energy. It will be amazing it we can figure out how to work as one. Thanks for your posts...they are always great! Please and blessings.

  2. Thanks for the support! I appreciate you being "out there"!! :)