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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Nurturing Space

If you are still feeling the influence of the full moon in Capricorn, now might be a good time to create a nurturing space for yourself.

This is absolutely NOT the same as creating a nurturing home, or nurturing spaces for others. Most people, particularly women, are very good at that already. We paint and decorate and arrange our houses to create a comforting place, a sense of home and a secure feeling. Unfortunately perhaps, this is often done not so much for our individual selves as it is done for others, for family members and loved ones. Sometimes it's even done because of what we believe others will think about us. That mad cleaning frenzy that's done only because someone might be dropping in. (I can hear my friends laughing at that- they know full well that's not something I personally do much!)

Creating a nurturing space for self is something totally different. It's finding a place that feels right to you and allows you to feel a connection with your higher self, with nature, or whatever you consider to be a higher force. It's a spot where you feel free to "go within", unobstructed by outside influences that pull your attention away from you.

Liz Simpson, in "The book of Chakra Healing", describes how the creation of an altar as a personal sacred space can help you focus introspection on a particular chakra you would like to heal. Once you have identified your personal challenges you identify objects that represent, for you, that chakra. Simpson suggests the ritual act of placing carefully selected objects in a particular place that is only yours may help your personal practice and growth.

People that are Water Violet types or are prone to Water Violet moods, likely already have an established sacred or nurturing space- they might just not call it that, or recognize it as such. This is the place you go to when the world is just "too much" and you need to be alone to think and sort out your thoughts.

Most children recognize the benefits of a nurturing space and no matter where they live or find themselves, they will have such a place. In teenage years it is often their bedroom if they don't share a room. That horrific pile of "stuff" and disorder that adults see, may actually be their altar and their source of comfort. I think, if given choice and opportunity, most younger children will find a place outside to claim as "their spot". It might be by a particular tree, a spot by the river, a hay mow, or best of all- a tree house that's too high for adults to want to climb! It's their "get-a-way". Sound familiar?

If you've lost that childhood space, now is a good time to re-create it. Find a spot where you feel safe, secure, and away from distractions- that's all that is required. Be selfish about your space. This isn't a spot to be shared. It also shouldn't be a spot that requires heavy maintenance. That's the difference between a clubhouse and a tree house. In a clubhouse, kids hoard comic books, candy, and all kinds of contraband that is really only fun if shared with other like minds. A tree house is just a spot, nothing there, a place to be alone. When you're alone you don't need a lot of "things"- that's the point. This isn't a spot that you have to "clean first before you can relax"- maybe that's why outside in nature is highly recommended.

Nemetona is, in Celtic folklore, "the goddess of the sacred grove". Her name means "sacred space". She is considered the guardian of all sacred places like healing circles, springs, or magical groves. The Celts didn't usually built temples or buildings to worship their gods, they found places among the natural landscape. So Nemetona is more associated with open air places of focus, worship or introspection.

If you don't already have a deck of Doreen Virtue's "Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards", I highly recommend them! Nemetona is one of the cards in this 44 card deck. The cards come with a guidebook to further explain each card selected. Drawing the card Nemetona, may mean that you could benefit from creating a spot for yourself where you can find refuge and retreat. Virtue explains that Nemetona it isn't so much about how you connect as much as it is important to frequently connect. Connecting with your divine self helps you be inspired, cleared, and on the right path. You may find yourself tapping into ancient wisdom and spiritual grace in your sacred space.

Maybe it was easier to connect with ourselves when we weren't so connected to ear plugs, blue-tooths, portable devices, and constant noise. Maybe that's reason enough to take the time to find a space away from it all so you can discover your own goddess within. Breathe in, breathe out, and discover yourself. Nuture yourself.

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