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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School with Bach

In my part of the world, today is "back to school" day. I guess most kids, and parents alike, have pretty mixed feelings about that. Having been the kind of kid that for the most part really liked school, September sort of brings a memory of excitement. It's a fresh start feeling. For some kids, and parents though, school can be a really tough place and if that's the case, September must feel like a pretty rough start.

If the back to school routine has you or your child in an uncomfortable place, Bach Flower essences could provide a smooth transition and a great support. As always, any of the 38 different essences might be indicated, but I'll narrow it down to a few of the more common!

For young children, particularly those that might be entering the world of school for the first time, Aspen, Centaury, and Clematis may be helpful.

Aspen is indicated for unknown fears. The child that has never experienced school before, may be full of fear without really even knowing what that fear is directed towards. They can't tell you what they are afraid of because they truly don't know.

Centaury may be helpful if your young child is timid, shy and easily led astray. Centaury may help them get off to a good start by standing up for themselves and expressing their opinions.

Clematis may be helpful if your child is a real daydreamer and has difficulty making the transition from the world of play to the focus and concentration that may be required in school.

For older children and teenagers, their emotions may be seeped in a few years of experience with school, friends, and teachers. For them, Mimulus, Beech,  Crab Apple, and Elm may be more appropriate.

Fear can be a pretty common component in the back to school routine. For those that have been there before, they may know exactly what they are fearful of. In this instance, Mimulus is indicated rather than Aspen. Mimulus can help your child find the courage to face their fears and address them with a presence of mind and logical thought.

As children get older, and begin to develop the second chakra, they sometimes develop an intolerance of the rules, structure, or certain personalities within their school system. For this type of irritation, Beech may be helpful.  If your child complains about or  is bothered by the habits and mannerisms of others, or seems irritated and critical of other students or teachers, Beech may be helpful.  Beech may be appropriate at the early teen, junior high level. 

Crab Apple is an essence that can be very useful during teenage years. Crab Apple is indicated when your self image takes a hit and self  esteem is low. If your teenager is returning to school with pimples on their face, a changing voice, a few extra pounds, or just not feeling good about how they look and feel- Crab Apple can be a life saver!

It isn't easy being a kid. In today's world the responsibilities can start to mount up pretty quick when school gets started again.  If your teenager is juggling a heavy work load, a part-time job, extra-curricular activities or "needy" friends, they may become overwhelmed with it all. It's not uncommon for teachers to pile the work on in the first few days of school in, an attempt to get students to take the year and homework seriously.  This may be a time when Elm is helpful so they don't suddenly feel like they can't possibly keep up with it all.

It can be pretty hard to separate your child's feelings from your own. The return to school can bring up just as many emotions in parents, and teachers, as it does in children. The Bach Flower essences Red Chestnut and Chicory may be appropriate.

Red Chestnut, in my opinion could just be labeled as "the parent worry" essence.  It's indicated when you have a sense of worry and over-concern for family members.  It would be most helpful for all those parents that left the daycare/pre-school room with tearful, screaming children clinging to their appendages as the parent struggled to get out the door. By the time the parent got to the parking lot, their child was happily engaged in an exciting activity, while the parent was a bag of goo for the rest of the day- perhaps the semester. If you feel any version of that in the "back to school" season, Red Chestnut may be helpful for you.

Chicory can also be a "parent remedy". It's indicated for people that become overly possessive of those in their care. Chicory people dislike being alone and for this reason often keep children under their thumb longer than is necessary or welcomed! Chicory can help you allow your children to be themselves, capable of having experiences that don't always include you. Chicory can help you let go. Chicory may be particularly helpful for parents with children either going to school for the first time, or "empty nesters" with children out of the home for the first time.

No matter what your age or stage, Hornbeam, Honeysuckle, Larch, Walnut and Gentian might be indicated in the back to school phase.

Hornbeam is the "Monday morning" essence.  It's helpful when you find it hard to face the day.  After a summer of no, or modified, routines, everyone may need a little Hornbeam to get used to the harsh reality of school and work!

If you've had a great summer and enjoyed lazy days and evening campfires, or whatever it is you like to do, Honeysuckle may be helpful as school begins.  Honeysuckle is indicated when you long for the past and can't quite get "in the now" because of it.

Larch is a self-esteem, confidence booster and is indicated for anyone that needs a little bit of encouragement to try something new. And that can be either child or parent! Remember Larch when exam time rolls around as well.

Walnut is the essence that helps when you find it difficult to adapt to change. Walnut can help you move forward on your path, free of the past, ready to make changes in your life.

Finally, Gentian may be an essence to consider as we move through the month of September. Gentian is indicated when you feel discouraged or depressed when things go wrong or you are faced with difficulties. If the return to school, routine, or just the fall season, has you feeling a bit disheartened this is the essence for you.  It may be indicated when the excitement of the return is replaced with some discouraging marks or tough assignments.

In my "perfect world", I'd replace that box of Kleenex that is on the elementary school supply list, with a bottle of Rescue Remedy.  Make that 3 bottles- one for each child, one for each parent, and one for the teacher. I'd make sure every backpack and briefcase had a special, easy to access, compartment for a bottle of Bach Flowers. I think the world would be more balanced as a result.

It's natural to feel some ups and downs, highs, and lows during changing seasons and routines. Taking the time to acknowledge how you feel, and respecting how your child feels, is important. Talking it out may be all you or your child needs. But if you could use some help to find the balance in a changing world, Bach Flower essences are a gentle, non-addictive approach to helping. 

For more information on any of the essences, type the essence into the  "search" feature at the top of the blog, or visit my website

In the meantime enjoy the scent and feel of new scribblers, crayons and colored pencils, or the peaceful aroma of coffee in solitude!

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