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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Soul Connections & Imaginary Friends

Over the past week or so, I have heard some very interesting stories about "soul visitations". People have been telling me about feeling as though they were connected in some brief way by a "ghost from the past", a loved one that has died, or a sense of connection with someone or something that is no longer here on earth. In some cases, it seems the experience was more than just a feeling, but was an auditory or visual connection with something that can't quite be explained- the "paranormal" I guess. For some, this connection was with someone they knew and loved, for others is isn't anyone they remember knowing.

Some people are quite okay with this sort of "visitation".  Some welcome the connection, even seek it out.  Others in fact, make their living by making these connections for other people and doing channeling work, angel readings, psychic predictions or intuitions etc. But, if it sort of comes at you "by surprise" or is not part of what you thought you believed in, this can be a rather unnerving experience to say the least.

I'm not talking about extremely fearful experiences of something evil, or of hearing voices in your head telling you to do something harmful, or anything that truly disrupts your day to day living.  That is something else all together. I'm talking about having a sense that perhaps an imaginary friend was hanging around a bit, looking after you, or in some way "with you" that can't quite be explained.

Personally, I believe the imaginary friends of childhood are quite real for the person who has done the "befriending" and only imaginary to others around them.  I don't see why children in their openness and sensitivity couldn't have friends both here and beyond. Until we socialize them out of the experience.

The universe is changing . More people seem to be opening up in their sensitivity.  For concrete evidence of this, just look to the subject matter of popular television shows and movies. They are often about "paranormal activity".  Detectives on television now have extra powers of perception and can feel things, sense things, or have talents and skills outside the usual training. Intuition and "spiritual gifts or talents" are  playing a big role in solving puzzles. This type of extrasensory power is becoming part of pop culture. I think that suggests the greater consciousness, and perhaps the more recent generation, is opening up to new ways of thinking and admitting to new types of sensations. What might have got you committed to an institution a few years ago is now being brought out into the open. We are talking about extra abilities, different sensations, and other ways of experiencing the world beyond what is tangible to everyone.

I think one of the challenges of expanding our consciousness is deciding whether you see this power as good or evil.  Super Hero's of the comic book age were told "you can use this power for good or for evil".  And every hero had a villain or two it seemed. We humans are very good at facing what we fear by deciding it is evil. Sort of the "witch hunt" experience. The idea of a harmless connection can be turned into thoughts of "being possessed" by something evil and harmful. Wisdom is knowing the difference. 

I'm not sure why this "activity" seems to be increasing over the past few weeks.  Maybe it's just something I am personally open to and therefore people are talking to me about it. Maybe there is something astrological going on that explains it. Some people believe that when the world experiences mass disasters with multiple deaths occurring at the same time, this type of activity increases.  I wonder if getting closer to the tenth anniversary of 9/11 ramps up activity a bit.  So many of us were focused on multiple and dramatic deaths that day, and we will no doubt visit our feelings on that again- opening ourselves, and mass consciousness, up I guess for extra sensory perception. People often report connections with loved ones on anniversary dates.

In the mental health field these days, it seems "acceptable" for children to have imaginary friends.  Maybe we should extend the same "courtesy" to adults, and allow adults to feel the presence of friendly spirits without having to analyze it much further?

If the experience is making you feel uncomfortable, (you knew I would come around to this!), you can consider the Bach Flower essence Aspen.  It is helpful for "unknown fears", the sense of something "out there" that can't be defined, or felt, that is giving you a sense of apprehension.

Any kind of fear or trauma (and a visit from beyond might qualify here!) can be relieved by Perelandra ETS Plus. 10 drops every 5 minutes for the first 20 minutes or 3 to 5 doses of ETS Plus daily making sure one dose is at bedtime, could relieve your anxiety. Perelandra also has a protocol for "Post-Death ETS Plus Process".  This protocol is done within 72 hours of someone dieing to help that person "cross over".  There is also a process to help pets with the dieing process. Perelandra doesn't get into this or suggest this, but my mind wonders if perhaps you couldn't use the same process to help a "spirit from beyond" that seems a little restless?  For more information on what Perelandra does suggest, check out their website

Above all, if you are feeling anxious, excited, amazed, or fearful from an extraordinary experience, I think the best remedy is to find a friend you trust and talk it out.  You do have to be very careful in the friend you choose!!  I am told, that not so many years ago, in an area that will remain nameless, if you committed a friend or family member to the mental institution, you (the referee) received $50.00 and a new toaster!!!  So find a friend that doesn't need or want a toaster before you open up the discussion!  It is only through sharing our experiences that we realize we have entered a "new normal" and we allow enlightenment to occur.

The greatest gift you can give someone else, in my opinion is "unconditional listening". That means truly listening to their experiences without judging, finding solutions, talking them out of their sensations, or counselling. If every child had someone they could talk to unconditionally we might evolve a lot quicker and peacefully. That might mean listening to your imaginary friend!

I welcome your thoughts and discussion on this post!- unconditionally- I promise!

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  1. So glad you posted about this subject...this has been coming up for me a lot, especially as I'm discovering I'm empathic and have been for quite some time. I've been learning more about angel communication as well, and seem to be connecting with them. In fact, I had my first angel/spirit sighting in the middle of the night as I awoke from a dream a few weeks ago. It startled me for a moment and then I realized that the spirit was there in a healing capacity.

    You are so right that we have to be careful what friends we tell--not all my friends are open to the spirit world. Some think I have gone off the deep end--I assure them I am as sane as I've ever been. LOL

    And yes, children are much more open. I know I was much more psychically in tune as a child. In fact, I had very vivid dreams about every house we ever moved to. We tend to unlearn and fill our heads with more gunk as we get older--losing touch with the other side that connects us to this world. I hope that we as a people start to connect to all the loving energy and spirits out there to guide us in a better direction. The world is in desperate need.

    Thanks again for posting, DD.