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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Moon in Libra, Butterflies and Transformation

Today marks the beginning of a New Moon cycle. According to my We'Moon book, it's a new moon in Libra. Maybe that explains the "in between" restlessness I described in yesterday's blog.

I believe that our bodys' follow the cycles of the moon whether our scientific minds choose to go along with it or not. And the new moon signifies beginnings

As the first New Moon of the fall season, this new moon feels pretty powerful. During the waning half moon we shrugged off our thoughts of summer projects and aspirations, we reflected during the fall equinox and are now, finally ready, to move into a new cycle renewed and inspired to move onward.

Because this New Moon is in Libra, We'Moon explains we may feel opened up to social connections. People born with the moon in Libra (not necessarily the same as your astrological sign- that refers to the sun position) are said to be peacemakers. They see the beauty in things, they strive for fairness and they help us understand each other. They sometimes forget to put themselves in the equation though and they may have difficulty balancing their own needs with others.

The New Moon also resonates with the 7th or Crown Chakra.  This Chakra is focused on self-realization. It's about finding enlightenment, spirituality and connection with your higher self and the divine. At first glance, that sounds like a solitary pursuit, not the group social effort Libra's enjoy. A lot of people meditate and "go within" to connect with this Chakra. That conflict between wanting to socialize and feeling the need to connect within  might be the cause for some conflicting thoughts during this moon phase. But I'm not so sure about that.

Perhaps the challenge of the 7th Chakra in this era of extreme connectivity due to telecommunications devices, advanced technology, and global travel, is to find your core. Maybe it's about finding your personal connection with something not entirely of this world, in the midst of all that " Libra stuff" going on around you. Perhaps we are being challenged to maintain our sense of self, not only in the Buddha meditation state, but also in the world of action, reaction, and constant stimulation.

Yesterday, as I struggled to figure out what exactly I should be doing, I came across a lot of nature signs. I saw little toads, crickets, and dragonflies all over the place.  But the ones that really stood out were a couple of fuzzy stripped caterpillars and some yellow butterflies.  Butterflies are a catalyst for transformation.  They support a balance between vulnerability and strength.  As I looked at the fuzzy caterpillar it occurred to me that they have to let go of a lot of stuff in order to transform from that chubby little soft guy to that light airy, fragile being of the butterfly. And to switch from the incredible slowness of taking an hour to get an inch to flying all over the place in seconds must be pretty extreme.  You really have to be mentally prepared for that transition or you're not going to be able to handle the switch very well! There is nothing wrong with being a catepillar. They are soft and touchable, every bit as beautiful as the butterfly and by far more approachable. I wonder if catepillars get to choose whether or not they will become butterflies?  I wonder if butterflies ever long for the "good ole days" when they were soft, lazy, and grounded? What if you realize when you get flying around up there that you might just be scared of heights? Hmm... I think my new project is another children's book....

... But back to the New Moon in Libra.  My take on this, is that it's time to let go of all the "fuzzy caterpillar stuff" that you might have sloughing off during the full and waning moon.  If you choose to. According to the Libra aspect, some of what might have been weighing you down doesn't really belong to you. Perhaps you were trying so hard to create harmony with others, between others, between you and nature even, that you misplaced your core sense of self a bit.

The butterfly travels pretty light.  When it comes out of that cocoon it appears to others to be totally different than the caterpillar it once was. But it is still the caterpillar of before. There is something within the core that remains. It might be microscopic, but obviously it's the most powerful piece. It's what survives all stages of growth. Perhaps the core piece is the courage to fly.

The 7th Chakra is about finding that small piece of core, that inner courage to fly.  Until you find that piece, I think you will be full of superstition, apathy, and illusion , the weaknesses of an unbalanced crown chakra. It isn't about finding something to add to yourself. It's about getting rid of the cocoon. It's about stepping away from all those people, things and places that are preventing you from flying.

The New Moon is the time to fly. It's the time to find your balance, spread those beautiful new wings you've been developing, breathe deep and lift off! Enjoy the journey!!


  1. Loved this, thank you. I have always been drawn to butterflies -- teasingly, I tell people that my "patronus" (as in Harry Potter books) is a butterfly. I've been reading various blogs of yours for the last hour or so and am finding them very helpful as I work on finding my "small piece of core, that inner courage to fly."