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Friday, September 9, 2011

Animal Signs: Dove

With all those drama tornadoes swirling around, and the anniversary of 911 this weekend, I thought I'd end the week with a peaceful blog.

The dove seems to be a universal symbol of peace and love. Daniel Mapel, in Into The Heart of the Wild,  writes the dove is a symbol for nurturing feelings of peace, calm and stillness at the heart of one's life.  He recommends dove essence when you want to quiet your mind and experience the glory of nature and the peaceful calm of the moment.

There are many references to the dove symbolizing the "holy spirit".  The white or grey/silvery color of the dove points to the 7th chakra. The strength of the 7th chakra is that it is our link or  connection to our higher selves, our pure thoughts, and the source of our inner knowing. When the 7th chakra is underdeveloped or unbalanced, we can suffer from superstition, apathy and illusion. Interestingly, many magic acts of "slight of hand" and deception involve doves. Scarves are turned into flying doves, or doves disappear into hats or scarfs. Hmm...

The wisdom ,it seems, is to find your true connection and stay on that course in order to maintain your sense of peace, simplicity and love. It's always there for us. We can choose to see the black hat and scarf, or the dove at any point in time.  We can sway over to superstition, fear, and illusion, or maintain our balance in peace. Easier said than done, but important to remember that fact. Sometimes awareness of the choices is all that's required.

Doves seem to avoid conflict. They don't screech or squawk or even chirp like other birds. They coo.  It's a pretty peaceful sound, almost like a very contented owl sound. It's never jarring, just soothing and gentle and perhaps a bit mesmerizing- peaceful and simple. 

Doves are not the solitary type creatures that Herons seem to be, but you also don't find them in big groups like crows either. They mate for life and remain true and very connected to small family orders. I guess that's the reason why doves are often released at wedding ceremonies as a simple of harmony. During stressful conflict laden times, it may be helpful to retreat to small family or friend units. Rather than gathering in big groups where the tornadoes abound, find a couple of good friends that support your peace and harmony and honor your inner knowing. It isn't about quantity, it's about quality where friendships are concerned. That seems to be the lesson from the dove. Mapel recommends families or couple consider taking Dove Essence together during stressful times to help resolve their difficulties and find their connection.

There are Bach Flower essences that can help balance your 7th chakra and restore you sense of peace as well.  In Sweet Shack and Bach Bar, Wise Woman guides Norma through some pretty difficult 7th chakra conflict. If you want the recipe and advice, order your copy by clicking on the picture of the book on the top right of this blog.

In my opinion, humans are drawn to conflict, drama and chaos.  It's just part of what we are about and our journey on earth. We bring it to us, and bask in it, some more than others. We like the action that drama provides. It feeds us somehow. The difficulty is knowing how to get out of the conflict when it becomes uncomfortable, too much, not fun any more, and damaging to self and others.  If you're seeing doves, maybe that's a symbol that it's time to pull back a bit and shift your focus. Remember the illusion, and focus on the peace, not the deception.

Connect with nature and your inner knowing. Turn off the T.V., unplug the computer and the phone, and go outside. Breathe in and breathe out.

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