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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Day of 11's & Clematis

I opened up an email from a friend today and for some reason the date jumped right out at me.  I realized that today's date ,29/ 09,/2011, in numerology, adds up to 11-11-11. 

I don't know a lot about numerology. Perhaps, just enough to be dangerous!  However, that rarely stops me from sharing! In numerology, the number 11 is considered a master number and a spiritual messenger. The number 11 is a symbol of psychic abilities, sensitivities, and intuition. Numerology charts are similar to astrological charts and you can have the number 11 in various aspects of your chart, or it may be your birth number. If the number 11 shows up frequently in your chart, you may possess illumination or increased spiritual awareness.

So I figure on a day like today when the 11's have such a prominent place, that increased spiritual awareness, illumination, heightened awareness and insight might just be opened up to everyone regardless of where 11 falls in your charts.  In fact, I believe, it's there all the time for everyone anyway. But maybe today is a good day to reflect on it a bit and take advantage of a "cosmic opening".

John Culbertson, in "A Look at the Symbolism and Personality of Eleven", claims people with prominent 11's are here to inspire others by offering the information their higher self and inner voice provides to others. He writes they are here to uplift humanity.
I think we're all here to do that. We are all on earth to uplift humanity.  Perhaps today is a good day to consider the part we are playing in that.
Heightened awareness, psychic abilities, and insight don't always come without a price. It can be difficult to be in touch with your higher self and the "unknown" and still keep yourself grounded enough to walk around on this earth.  Regardless of the symbolism of the numbers of today, you probably still have to go to work, take out the garbage, walk the dog, do the dishes, or heaven forbid! clean the bathroom.

The downside of the gift of illumination can be nervous energy, fear, unpredictability, insecurity, and increased vulnerability. That type of "other world connection" can be a real shock to the senses and can leave you feeling a bit "alien", out of place, confused, or lacking in direction. It's hard to walk between two worlds. As the world opens up and we collectively increase our awareness, for some those abilities may finally be recognized and validated, but for others, the ground may start to feel a bit shaky as they loose their sense of place and reality.

Scott and Stephen Petullo, in "Numerology & The Number 11- What it Means & Why it's so Challenging", explain that people who split their energy between the earth plane and other dimensions can have a difficult time keeping themselves solidly grounded. They write that those who try to ignore their illuminations risk phobias, obsessions, and even psychosis.

In order to uplift humanity, we need to bring inner knowing and awareness down to earth.  Now that's a tall order!  But not impossible.  It's about bringing those gifts, insights, and talents into recognizable forms. It means bringing your  dreams into waking reality. I think a lot of kids understand that and have the ability to do that. But that can also make it difficult for them to accept the reality we face in the moment.

If you need some help to stay grounded and bring your gifts into form, the Bach Flower Clematis may be helpful. Clematis is indicated for people that live in a world of their own and find it hard to be fully present. Clematis can help you feel more grounded so you can formulate your dreams and ideals into activities and constructs that work on earth. Clematis can help you bring you mind or spirit in line with your body. Once you can find that grounding alignment you may find a creative, artistic talent or outlet for your dreams. Clematis won't cause you to loose your dreaminess, instead it may help you bring focus to your insights.

Culbertson writes that the number 11 is represented by an angel. He reports that "angels are heavenly creatures blessed with the ability to offer insights".  So perhaps today, on such a day of 11's, angels walk among us. Most likely they do every day. Our choice is to ignore them, or welcome them in. 

Enjoy the journey!

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