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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Detachment from Drama Tornadoes

Maybe it's  the back to school and work routine, or the end of the summer season.  Maybe it's the lead up to the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in the U.S. Maybe it's because we are getting close to a full moon and the fall equinox. Most likely it's a combination of all those and other forces as well.  Whatever the reason, it seems drama tornadoes are swirling all around. 

I've talked about time tornadoes before those points when it kind of feels like maybe you were in another dimension for a bit.  Drama tornadoes have that same sense of distortion, but instead of time, it's the present situation that gets distorted.

Teenage girls often get accused of what I call drama tornadoes. They take a piece of a situation that may or may not be factual, and talk it up among themselves, find alliances and oppositions, hype it up a lot, drag some more people into the center of things,create ways to fix, analyse and solve things, and viola you have a huge forceful ball of destructive energy set on a definite, but quickly changeable and unpredictable course. It isn't just teenagers that create and get trapped in drama tornadoes in my opinion. We all do it.. Sometimes we call these tornadoes, "media hype", "causes", "crusades", or "interventions".  The thing that distinguished drama tornadoes from good work, is the destruction that is left it's wake.  That's what makes them dangerous. Sometimes it's hard to tell if you are experiencing the winds of change, or a tornado barrelling down your path.

In an emergency capacity I responded to a number of weather tornadoes. I've never personally been in one and can't imagine what it must be like, because the aftermath is difficult to behold and unlike any other type of weather event.  Tornadoes are very selective in their destruction. One person's property and life may be completely devastated by the event while someone right beside them can remain totally untouched. The path of the tornado is easy to see because it destroys everything along the way. It isn't just a flattening of things like houses and structures. Tornadoes don't just snap branches off trees, or quickly uproot them, they twist trees in what looks like a painful twisted contortion.

That's the type of force that drama tornadoes can have. Sometimes these events start out, I think, loosely as an offer of help or assistance, perhaps harmless, but they soon pick up an energy that outruns us all and is no longer controllable at all.

The emergency advice when you see a weather tornado on the horizon is to get to a storm shelter. Shelters are located below ground,, near a basement wall, or in the most sheltered deepest part of the basement. If you see a drama tornado coming, the same advice may apply.  Take shelter.  What storm shelters are for weather tornadoes, call display may be for drama tornadoes. Water Violet types rarely get sucked into drama tornadoes. They don't just look at call display before they answer, they unplug the phone, turn out the main lights,ignore the doorbell, and hunker down with a great book and lots of chocolate! There might be some lessons to be learned there.

If you don't have, or aren't near a shelter when a weather tornado is approaching, you should take cover in a small room or inner hallway, like a washroom or closet. You want to avoid large halls, auditoriums, cafeterias or arenas. Tornadoes are likely to take the roofs right off those types of large structures. The same is true of drama tornadoes.  When you see one coming, it might be best to go within a bit.  Avoid the crowds, the parties, the large gatherings. This is not the time to find "safety in numbers".

Some people suggest, if all else fails during a weather tornado you should take cover under a desk or large piece of furniture. The theory here is that the furniture will protect your head and body from flying debris and injury. The problem with this advice is that once the storm has passed, you may find yourself physically intact, but unable to exit the building.  Drama tornadoes function the same way.  You might think you can remain part of the group and just cover your hears, don't say anything, "bury your head in the sand" a bit. The problem is, you may find yourself surrounded by the fall out when the dust clears, trapped in a place you don't want to be in.

There are some buildings that just don't provide shelter during a tornado no matter where you look or how big your furniture is. I once saw the remnants of a trailer park after a direct hit.  There wasn't a trailer or structure left  in sight. If you see a drama tornado coming and you know you aren't strong enough to shelter yourself ,don't try to outrun it.  You'll  only add your energy to the force of the storm and get flung further away. Stop for a minute and face the storm.  Watch where it's headed, measure the path and take definite steps in a right angle direction. In other words, do something completely different that takes you away from the path.

If you find yourself in the eye of a drama tornado, you might be a Vervain person.  It might be worth your while to consider your intentions when you signed up for this activity!  Maybe you are a little out of balance in your energy. Take a deep breath and reassess.  You might have the power to dissolve the tornadoes energy from within. 

If you aren't quite in the eye of this drama tornado but way too close for comfort and not feeling good about it, consider whether or not you could use a bit of the Bach flower Centuary. Perhaps you got "sucked into the vortex" by that Vervain character beside you!

Finally, if you find yourself in the trailer park without adequate shelter and too late to get out of the path, consider the Violet Flame as a way to shield yourself from the onslaught.  Maybe that pocket that I want to put in all backpacks and briefcases should contain a copy of the Violet Flame as well as Rescue Remedy!

The good news about both weather tornadoes and drama tornadoes is that although they are strong and powerful they do blow through quickly. Although you may be left picking up the pieces, either literally or figuratively, you can be assured of better weather ahead.

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