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Monday, September 12, 2011

Full Moon in Pisces

Last night or early this morning we entered a  full moon phase. It is considered a full moon in Pisces phase. Full moon phases are often very powerful times,
and this one in particular may really pull your emotions to the surface and to the point of overflowing.

According to my We'Moon 2011 book, the moon in Pisces reveals our permeability. Pisces is a link to intuition and spirituality. People born under the moon in Pisces are said to have extra perceptions, be very sensitive and compassionate. We all have some Pisces in us and this full moon helps to bring that interconnectedness to the forefront.

A lot of people have been talking lately about being "sensitive" and in tune with others. In my opinion, this is happening to everyone, everywhere and is part of a changing world. We are all experiencing the gift of intuition exposed in new ways. No doubt this full moon is helping to speed that advancement along.

This kind of increased perception can be as simple as thinking about someone just before they phone you, knowing who is on the phone without looking at call display, or having a sense where the perfect parking spot is. It can also be as complicated as feeling a confusing sense of emotions that somehow don't quite feel your own, but you don't really know where they came from.

Like everything, this increased sense of knowing, connectedness, or intuition can be both a gift and a concern. The challenge is to find the balance.

As a gift, this sense of knowing is pretty cool.  We are all amazed when people seem to know what we are thinking or are able to tap into that extra sense.  This type of "psychic ability" has been the source of parlor tricks and professions. We both admire and fear these abilities- in others and in ourselves.

Being this emotional sponge that takes in the feelings of the world around us (and it may not just be limited to the feelings of humans around us), can leave you with a heavy, slogged down feeling. Pisces is a water sign and therefore the analogy of a sponge full of water comes to mind. At first, a bit of water in the sponge makes it softer, smoother, and the sponge expands into a new and bigger shape as it floats on the surface. But if you keep adding more and more water to the sponge, it eventually becomes heavy, soggy, starts to loose shape, and is unable to float to the surface anymore. It starts to sink with the heaviness of the liquid it has absorbed. You get to a point where the sponge can't take on anymore without dripping out something else. The sponge is permeable to anything and everything liquid.  It doesn't differentiate between good and bad liquids- it soaks them all in.

Perhaps, it would help us in this age of sensitivity to be "selectively permeable" in order to maintain balance.  If you remember back to Grade 9 and 10 science class, that picture of the cell will jump right out at you.  Remember those big proteins that sat looking a bit like lima beans in the diagram of the cell wall? Those proteins were/are selectively permeable.  They choose what substances they will admit to the inner core and what they will just ignore, or let float on by. When the proteins decide they have enough they just don't let any more in.  They don't loose their ability to absorb, they just keep it under control, always allowing what's  good for the cell and the inner machine. Those substances that are floating out there aren't necessarily trying to get in. They  just "are there". They get in when the cell is ready.  They don't  push their way in without a check in place. They aren't hurt by the exclusion, they just float around again. The proteins aren't selfish, harsh or prejudicial. They aren't mean, unfeeling, and uncaring. In fact, they are highly sensitive, knowing what is right in the moment.  Proteins don't loose their shape and abilities to absorb. They just "are".  Hmm...

In the Bach Flower collection, there are 4 essences that fit within the category of "oversensitivity". They include Agrimony, Centaury, Holly, and Walnut.

Agrimony types keep on taking on and absorbing the issues, concerns and feelings of others, pretending it isn't affecting them. They put on a mask to hide themselves while absorbing everything around them. Agrimony types, when they aren't balanced, are sponges, not selectively permeable proteins.

Centuary types also are not selective in who or what they take in when they are out of balance.
They take whatever liquid comes their way, good or bad,  and they go with the flow whether it's where they want to go or not.  When balanced, they are selectively permeable proteins that can say  "no" when it's appropriate for them.

Holly types sometimes don't feel they have the right amount of positive "things" inside them. Perhaps when they were growing and developing, they felt there wasn't enough positive emotions to select from. They develop a bit of a barrier crust on their membranes that seals them off from the flow later in life. Holly can help them soften up a bit so they can allow the positive liquids in to feed that inner core.

The world outside us is always changing. Perhaps in the Pisces moon, and in this changing world, the emotions of others are just flowing at higher levels and in greater concentrations. For that, we could all use a bit of Walnut to help protect ourselves from things that are not good for us personally. It will never be the same things for everyone. Walnut can help you discover for yourself what you need to take in and what you need protection from.

When you realize the rich environment of expansion, it can be hard not to just take it all in and expand quickly beyond your healthy boundaries. When that happens it gets confusing and difficult to sort out who you are as an individual and what is "your stuff" versus someone else's. That may be even more likely to occur under the influence of the Pisces full moon.  Now is a good time to open yourself up to what is around you and enjoy the expansion, but also take equal time to retreat a bit so you can sort it out. Focus on you, and what is right and best for your inner core.

 Enjoy the watery world of a Pisces moon but maintain your own unique shape!

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