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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Animal signs

I think if we really pay attention to nature,signs to guide us are all over the place. Many cultures rely heavily on the presence of animals from the wild to give direction, predict weather patterns and signal action. Some people believe that everyone has totem animals- certain animal spirits that follow, protect, and guide you through life.

Daniel Mapel, has developed a line of healing essences he calls Wild Earth Animal Essence. In his book, "Into the Heart of the Wild", he describes the "essence" of the animals.

One of my personal favorites from the animal kingdom is the Owl. Owls are believed to be capable of accessing and acting upon one's highest wisdom. They see clearly through the darkness. The Owl is considered to have great powers of intuition helping you to see things that are not normally seen, encouraging clarity of mind and seeing the truth at the heart of a situation.

So if Owls are "coming to you" either by seeing them in nature, seeing pictures of them, or you feel drawn to them, the message might be that you should listen to your inner wisdom when facing uncertainly and confusion. Good advice at any time I think! The presence of owls might also signify a need to see the truth beyond external circumstances, limiting beliefs, and other people's opinions. Hmm...

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