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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Best Advice: Your Inner Knowing

I watched Charlie Brown's Christmas special the other night for the millionth time in my life but I think I saw the whole thing from a new perspective.

Then in a conversation with a friend I realized that Lucy is really on to something with her Psychiatric Help Booth. Although Lucy is very confident, opinionated and quite loud, she actually says very little to her "clients". Instead she gleefully charges 5 cents (and she collects the money up front) and then just listens. Charlie Brown talks and eventually comes around to solving the problem himself.

I don't think Lucy is ripping Charlie Brown off at all. I think she is providing the most valuable advice of all- to encourage someone to listen to their inner self. I'm not knocking the mental health practitioners out there - I think the really good ones actually do this as well, and in many cases are professionally trained to do this.

I also thing if you have a "Wise Woman friend", and I consider myself very fortunate to have a few of these!, you can probably get great advice for 5 cents (or maybe the cost of a cup of coffee!). In order to BE a Wise Woman friend, and collect your 5 cents, I think the task is to really listen to people. I mean really listen. Without trying to figure out a response, or an answer, or a way they could change. It seems if you just listen you are perhaps guided to ask the questions that allow the person with the problem to come around to the only answer that will work for them: the one they come up with! Because that's what it's all about- trusting our own inner knowing. We really are the only ones with the answers that will work for us. Hmm...

Lucy could however have expanded her practice and told Charlie Brown about the Bach Flower Essence Cerato. If Charlie Brown had of taken a couple of drops of Cerato on a regular basis when he was feeling so "lost" he would have been able to tap into that inner strength a bit better and have the faith that he knew what was ultimately right and best for him. If you can't find a "Wise Woman friend" a few drops of Cerato will go a long way to creating one in yourself!

Today Lucy could expand her practice even further and suggest Charlie Brown try Essence of Perelandra. It might have helped him restore his sense of balance, and give him strength in the knowing that he could continue on with life in a calm, connected and effective way. The specific Perelandra Essence "Eclipse" might have been helpful for Charlie Brown as well. Eclipse helps provide acceptance and insight and enhances the individuals appreciation of his own inner knowing. It supports the mechanism that allows the body to receive the soul's input and insight.

If you would like more information on the essences helpful to re-connect with your inner knowing, check out my website at It will cost you a bit more than 5 cents but you can connect to me through the website for personal essences or combinations. Or find a friend, buy them a coffee or a peppermint hot chocolate to celebrate the season, and listen to what happens!

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