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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Travel Woes, Broken Traditions & Chicory

I think no matter where you are in the world you are experiencing some kind of unusual, and perhaps unwanted, weather event this Christmas season. On the East and West Coasts of Canada it's high winds, storm surges and winds. In the middle of Canada is freezing cold and snow. In Europe, it's snow, snow and more snow. In other places of the world it's been flooding, landslides, earthquakes- you name it, it seems to be happening.

Of course all of this is causing travel delays, cancellations, and disruptions at a busy time of year as people try to maintain traditions and "get home for the holidays".

Even if you're not trying to get somewhere, there is a good chance your holiday traditions have really been thrown "out of whack". For some people throughout the Maritimes, road, bridge, and ferry closures are preventing supplies from getting into some areas. It seems the supplies that are quickly running short are baking supplies. Seems like a small issue when people have much greater worries throughout the world but we all work with the reality we live in. And if that means you can't make the favorite Christmas cookies that Santa usually looks forward to, or your favorite grandchild- that can be disruptive. For other people they are out of their homes this Christmas due to flooding or other devastation. Again, we all know we should be thankful to have a warm dry place to be with running water and food and all that- but it's really hard to tell yourself that when the Christmas presents are floating, and your traditions along with them.

It seemed like this year has been a year of breaking traditions anyway. A lot of people I talk to are "scaling back", and doing different things than they have before such as buying less, partying less, decorating less, or eating less. Seems like "less" is the theme in order to make more room for just "being". Hmm...

If you're the one that is making the decisions to change traditions- it's probably liberating, soothing, and relaxing. A really good feeling. If you are the one trying desperately to withhold traditions by getting somewhere; maybe anywhere but an airport, ferry, or train terminal!, or back to your damaged house or community, right now it is probably very frustrating and depressing. If where ever you are you can find the Bach flowers Impatiens, Gentian or Cherry Plum- take a few drops to ease the wait. Impatiens can help you relax and cope calmly and diplomatically. Gentian is helpful for discouragement and despondency. It can help you understand that you and everyone around you is likely doing the best that they can and difficulties will eventually come to an end. If you feel you may loose control over the next person that tells you "you can't get there from here", Cherry Plum can help you balance those thoughts of breakdown and help you remain calm and rational in a difficult situation.

If however, you are the one left with the results of broken traditions, Chicory may be the Bach Flower essence most helpful for you. In fact, Chicory types are most likely to be the ones that set the traditions in the first place. Chicory types are strong-willed people and although they are caregivers- they can be rather critical and interfering. The "typical" Chicory type is the over-protective, possessive parent that keeps adult children under his or her thumb and can even feign illness in order to gain attention or prevent an adult child from leaving home. When in a Chicory state, you don't like being alone and may demand constant attention and service. In fact, you think it is your child's "duty" to attend to your needs. Personally, I think a lot of the people that are most upset and distraught over the inability to travel are probably the children of Chicory parents and are fueled by that parent manipulation! Chicory is also indicated for children who make constant and unreasonable demands for attention. The positive potential of Chicory is seen when people are able to care for others unselfishly, offering genuine maternal love. They give without expecting anything in return. Chicory can help you let others live their own lives. It can help you allow for change in traditions while maintaining a sense of being fulfilled and loved. Chicory can help you allow and adapt rather than trying to manipulate others into your sense of traditional values.

Chicory can be a difficult Bach Flower Essence to "self-diagnosis". When we are in the Chicory cycle we are positive we know what's best and what should be done and we don't feel we need any help- it's the others around us that need Bach! If you found yourself nagging a bit, giving some orders, or demanding something or other, try a kinesiology test and see if you test positive for Chicory.

It is a time of change- of that I am sure. If we didn't already recognize that, it seems mother nature is helping us identify the changing cycles by throwing some rather dramatic weather events around. Rather than trying to uphold traditions, and insist that others do, maybe the lesson should be to discover new ways to express our love and appreciation for those around us. And I don't think that means necessary creating "new traditions" because that can give even a greater sense of pressure. I think it just means stopping doing and just being right in the moment wherever that finds you and allowing others to do the same.

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