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Friday, October 1, 2010

Kinesiology/Muscle Testing

Hard to believe it's the first of October. In my part of the world it certainly doesn't feel like that with tropical weather and humidity rather than the crunch of leaves underfoot while snuggling in a big sweater- my opinion of what fall is supposed to be!

So perhaps it's the weather, perhaps it's lingering effects of Cold-fx!, but I was feeling rather unsettled and unsure what to write today. I decided to go back to the basics and perhaps touch on something intellectual rather than emotional (sometimes safer ground).

One of the most basic tools for most alternative health practitioners is the use of kinesiology or muscle testing. Rather than rely on our brains, thoughts and intellectual analysis, kinesiology allows you to tap into your energy system (electrical and muscle) and really figure out what is a match for you. Machaelle Small Wright in "Flower Essences", describes a very simple method of muscle testing- pictures included! She explains kinesology "allows us to discern what we need and don't need despite what we think".

Some practitioners use muscle testing by applying pressure to your extended arm, others use pendulums as methods of "tapping in". You can hold an object up to your chest and if it's "right" for you, you will fall forward, "wrong" for you and you can feel yourself falling backwards. This works particularly well for books in the bookstore when you don't want a wide audience because you can do it very discretely. I know a man who uses this techniques to pick out shoes!! You do have to do some experimentation to discover your "yes and no"- in this case falling forward or backward.

I have found a site that explains all this with the pictures and it's actually taken from Machaelle Small Wright's books and Perelandra.

You can also find more information on this from the Perelandra website- there are links on my website At Perelandra they suggest you use kinesiology to identify which essences are a match for your body.

Play around a bit with muscle testing. It's fun to work with, doesn't have to be "serious stuff" and yet it can be a powerful tool for health and healing.

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  1. and, not to forget here, the holding against the chest / solar plexus kind of muscle testing (specifically in 'heart' muscle testing) is especially helpful when discreetly checking compatibility as you hug a lover/partner or potential mate: does he/she make you fall forward, e.g. towards him/her, or backwards, e.g. repels...!??!! Try it, they won't even notice...;o)!!
    Btw, as my sister, niece, daughter, and I found out (right after our clever thought re. partner testing), it works also with red wines....