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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pending Storms; Aspen and Perelandra

Compared to the events going on in Australia and other parts of the world a snow storm/blizzard would seem pretty calm I know. But here in our part of the world we are anticipating a significant winter storm.

It seems like there is a weird feeling in the beginning phase of the storm. All the animals that live with us certainly seem to sense it and act pretty spooky and energetic prior to the storm. It isn't really as though they are scared- just kind of hyped up. Once it starts happening they seem pretty content to ride it out and are unphased by the whole thing. It's the warning phase that seems to have them unsettled.

Seems to me that people are like this as well. There is often angst about what you should do in preparation. When the news is full of natural and other disasters everywhere the sense of fearful anticipation seems magnified. Perhaps there is a feeling that we "must be due" for something extreme. The grocery stores are always crazy busy as people stock up for something even if they aren't really sure what it is they should be stockpiling. Parents spend that extra time worrying about kids getting home from school okay. Kids listen to the radio in the hopeful anticipation of a "snow day" and parents wonder how they will manage icy roads and the demands of needing to be at work regardless.

Over the past two days I have heard from a lot of people that are feeling "out of sorts". Seems like old issues start to resurface and disagreements escalate. Many people experience an increase in physical symptoms of illness and injury- aching joints and bones, and headaches all seem to accompany the "pre-storm" phase.

Maybe we feel the increased energy of nature and although our minds can't grasp it, our bodies on some level seem to still need to respond. We need to re-direct the extra energy yet the modern world doesn't really offer an outlet for this energy. You can bring in some extra firewood, test your generator if you have one, stock up on supplies and fill your bathtub with water- all good emergency management ideas depending on your living situation, but you will likely still be left with some time to feel as though there is something else you should be doing but have no idea what.

If the feelings of anticipation are really uncomfortable, the Bach flower Aspen may be helpful. It's indicated for fears and worries of unknown origin. It's helpful for that sense of apprehension that doesn't feel grounded in any particular cause. It's a feeling that can come on quite suddenly or appear as a building anxiety- like the building of a storm. Taking a few drops of Aspen can help you balance your fears with a desire for new experiences and a sense of adventure. It can help bring a state of inner peace.

The Perelandra essences may help in the pre-storm phase as well. Both ETS-Plus and Essence of Perelandra can be helpful for that sense of stress without a cause. The Perelandra essences are all created in concert with nature and may have special significance for that misalignment we feel when nature is going through a change.

I think a lot of times just having an awareness is all you need to feel better. Understanding that your body may be reacting to changes in mother nature and recognizing that response may be all that is required to soothe shattered nerves. "This too shall pass".

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