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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mood swings, indecision and Scleranthus

It might in part be the time of year. A lot of people seem to feel "down" or depressed in the fall, and "up" or excited in the spring. Again, it seems we are connected to nature and the natural cycles of letting go and renewal. It helps me to remember that the letting go (of old leaves, thoughts, and emotions) has to occur before the renewal (of spring buds, and new opportunities).

Whether we recognize and admit it or not I think all of us experience ups and downs, but if those ups and downs swing dramatically, Scleranthus is a Bach Flower remedy to consider.

Scleranthus is indicated for indecision and the inability to choose between two things. It is different than Cerato and Wild Oat which also involve a degree of indecision. Scleranthus is indicated if it is clearly a choice between two options, not multiple choices or "no idea what". Most people at one time or another experience the Scleranthus "state" and struggle with indecision. For some however, that swinging personality is more of a "type", almost central to their character and like the two drama masks of tragedy and comedy they find themselves in one state or another and rarely balanced in the middle. If taken to the level of clinical pathology this is diagnosed as bipolar - the struggle between manic and depressive moods. Both states are unnerving both for the person experiencing them and those that are watching!

I found an interesting website that links Bach Flowers to astrological signs. In the case of Scleranthus they link it to the Libra sign- the symbol for which is actually scales. On this site they reveal that Dr. Bach himself was born under the sign of Libra and struggled between wanting to be a Doctor and wanting to be a Minister. As the site so aptly reveals he found the balance by focusing on healing at a emotional and spiritual level! I wonder if Dr. Bach ever realized he had reached this balance?

Balance is the key. Taking Scleranthus can help restore that balance so you can make decisions that enable you to find the middle ground and the peace you seek. Scleranthus can help restore that equality of thought and action that enables you to move forward at a reasonable, moderate pace- neither manic or depressive but reflective and decisive able to make decisions based on your greater good.

As we grow and evolve spiritually, I think we may commonly come to that phase where we struggle between the physical world- financial requirements, everyday life and earthly pressures, and the spiritual world of greater universal knowledge, ethereal concepts and multi-dimensional experiences. Rather than swing between earthly grounded activities and spiritual contemplation, maybe Scleranthus can help us find the balance to bring spiritual concepts to our earthly experience?

I shall take some Scleranthus and let you know!!!

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