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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Water Violet for Loneliness

A lot of people have been in "Water Violet states" over the past few months. Maybe because the world is spinning so fast for most of us. When life becomes so busy there is a tendency to withdraw "into our caves" a bit.

Water Violet is included in Dr. Bach's category of loneliness. Most of the time however, Water Violet types do not feel lonely. They enjoy and cherish time alone. The Water Violet type is knowledgeable, capable and calm. These private people usually don't impose their opinions on others but they are often asked for their advice.

When there are too many external distractions however, the Water Violet type tends to pull back, retreat, and withdraw. Others may see the person as anti-social even "cold". When sick or suffering the Water Violet person has a tendency to keep their troubles to themselves, hiding behind a calm facade. Their coping mechanisms don't usually include others, so when they could really use the help the support systems are not in place.

If this sounds like you, and you feel you are slipping into a sense of truly being alone in the world without support, Water Violet might be helpful for you. Using Water Violet can help you open up to others while still maintaining your dignity. Taking the Water Violet essence can help you develop warmer relationships with others and enable you to reach out both for support and to help others.

Water Violet won't likely turn you into a "party animal" but it might help you turn to others for help and support in sharing the load.

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