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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Agrimony to Release what's behind the Mask

Everyone remembers the class clown. Many of them have gone on to be quite famous comedians. Sometimes that is because they have learned to be extremely good actors. The clowning around, always happy, center of attention person, often turns out to have a much different inner core. If that inner core is uncomfortable, you might consider Agrimony as a Bach flower essence that can could make a profound difference in your life.

People that benefit from Agrimony often appear quite carefree and humorous but their outward appearance is a mask for inner anxieties, worries and even real inner torment. For some the "class clown role" has become a coping mechanism. The person that can benefit from Agrimony is trying to conceal their inner discomfort from others and often, even themselves.

When the Agrimony person is in pain or anxious he or she will joke about it. They are unwilling to express their fears. They dislike being alone and instead will seek social activities using the company of others as a distraction from their inner thoughts. They become good at ignoring the darker side of life by covering it up with humor. They dislike confrontation and will often diffuse arguments (even ones they aren't really involved in) with humorous inflections or antics. You can often find Agrimony people in bars and loud restaurants. They often mask their discomforts with heavy drinking, drugs or comfort eating- usually done in groups.

To hide problems behind a cheerful face is often a learned response and may become so automatic and a part of the person it becomes difficult to admit to. The Agrimony person may recognize themselves due to their restlessness at night when they find their mind churning with thoughts, fears and concerns.

Taking Agrimony can help lift the facade. When balanced, those benefiting from Agrimony are genuinely cheerful and very good company. They can communicate their feelings openly and accept that life does have an unpleasant side sometimes. When balanced, their cheerfulness stems from a real sense of inner acceptance and inner joy. They can put problems in perspective and be diplomatic peacemakers.

No wonder children don't like clowns. They recognize that the mask is covering up for something very uncomfortable. And all of us want to experience our true selves and the true selves of others.

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