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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Sugar Hangover: Detox with Bach Flowers

November 1st really does feel like a fresh start to not only a new month, but perhaps a new season. In numerology, this 11th month of 2011, carries a bit of weight and promises to be a powerful one.  For a lot of people however, this month can begin with kind of a rocky start in the aftermath of Halloween.

In these days of job insecurity, today at least, I think the most secure job in the world is that of an elementary school teacher. Anyone that has ever been around a concentrated group of kids coming down from the sugar/excitement high of Halloween, would never willingly want to take over that position today! There is also the loss of sleep factor from being up later than usual after running around in a pretty hyper mode. Couple that with a few red, yellow and blue artificial dyes and today isn't likely to be one of the most productive, harmonious days you would ever experience in your teaching background. There will likely be a short reprieve after lunch, since most lunch bags today likely hold a rocket launching re-supply of more sugar. That probably lasts until about an hour or so before bus time. I figure that hour might be the longest of your life!!

Then again, there is the possibility that you have kids of your own if you're an elementary teacher.  In which case you were up with your own super excited kids last night and tried vainly multiple times to try and peel them off the ceiling once they were home. If you were responsible for distributing the treats at your own house, and you didn't get many customers, you're probably on your own sugar crash today. Hmm.... Did I mention today might feel like a long day?

The idea of detoxification is pretty big business these days.  You can buy prepackaged liver cleanses, kidney cleanses, and overall body detoxifies. There are a multitude of cleansing diets out there that include a variety of "miracle foods" with detoxification benefits. There are detoxifying teas, detoxifying juices, detoxifying berries,  and the good old standby- water.  You can even buy water with special cleansing properties if you're so inclined.

Lots of these methods are good and worth the research.  But I'm willing to bet that today, you aren't likely feeling in much of a "research mode". There's a Bach flower for that!

Crab Apple is the Bach Flower essence that first comes to mind for detoxification.  It is considered the cleansing essence. Because Bach Flowers work on the emotional level, this is as much a cleansing of the mind and emotions as it is the physical body.  If you are feeling more than a little disgusted that you ate all those candies, that caramel apple (and no longer are able to convince yourself that the apple part made up for the caramel or the red dye number whatever), or stole a treat or too from your child's stash when they weren't looking, this remedy is for you. Crab Apple can help you accept your imperfections, realize Halloween won't come around again for another 364 days, and let you move on.

 Cherry Plum, in my opinion would be a good essence to just circulate through the ventilation system today. Cherry Plum is the Bach Flower essence indicated when you feel afraid of losing control.  It's the "road rage", "sugar crazed", verge of breakdown remedy. Most people when they are overtired and dealing with some dramatically fluctuating blood sugar levels, feel themselves slide over to the hysterical side.  My mother, an Elementary School teacher, used to say, "ffirst it's laughter then it's tears".  I think she used this phrase, particularly around Halloween, to explain that verge of hysteria sensation when your emotions are swinging out of control. (I'm not really positive if that's what she meant, because I am positive it was me she was referring to, and I was too hysterical to listen!). Cherry Plum can help bring you bring those swings back to a balanced point where you can act rationally and in control. Cherry Plum is the essence used in drug rehabilitation when people are trying to kick addictions and deal with the side effects.

By the time you're reading this blog it might be a bit late for Hornbeam, but there's always next year! Hornbeam can help with the "can't get out of bed and face the day" syndrome that comes after some late nights, high excitement, and morning after, fatigue.  Hornbeam helps with the mentally drained feeling of not being able to face the day and what feels like pretty mundane tasks after a night of excitement. Hornbeam can help clear your head so you  move on with a sense of energy.

A rush of sugar, a lack of sleep and a long week ahead can indicate the need for Olive. Olive is helpful when you feel mentally and physically exhausted.  This is the type of exhaustion that often leads to tears. If you're seeing an excess of tears today for no other reason really than just pure exhaustion, it's time to consider the use of Olive. Olive can help restore your sense of vitality.  It can also help you recognize the needs of your body so you do listen and get caught up with some sleep during the detoxification process.

I never really understood that phrase "Halloween apples" as a substitute for "trick or treat" that is used in some areas of the country when goblins come looking for hand outs. Maybe it was created by an Elementary School teacher in an effort to make November 1 a little more peaceful. If so, "Good try"- there's always next year!

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