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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Aspen for Halloween

With only a few days till Halloween, I thought it appropriate that I talk about the Bach Flower remedy Aspen.
I'm pretty sure Dr. Bach didn't have Halloween in mind when he introduced this essence to the collection, but it seems Halloween gives us a license to talk about unseen forces, hence the connection in my mind.
Aspen is indicated when you have fears or worries of unknown origin. It recommended when a person who is not normally anxious or nervous feels seized by sudden fear for no obvious reason. It is helpful for that sense of foreboding as though you have walked into a negative energy field or are being influenced by something unseen- in Halloween lingo- ghosts or spirits!
Like Rock Rose, Aspen can be helpful for children with night terrors or anyone that wakes from a bad dream still feeling anxious even if the dream is forgotten.
Aspen can provide protection from negative energy and helps restore a sense of inner peace, security and a fearlessness.
Comfrey, from the Perelandra line of essences might be considered for such experiences as well.
So if the treat bag seems a little heavier than the candy inside warrants and that makes you anxious- take a couple of drops of Aspen and relax.
Happy Halloween!!

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