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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Missing Teenager: Focused Intentions

This is Amber Kirwan's graduation picture. She graduated last spring from a High School in Nova Scotia.  Since then she has been attending community collage and working part time in her  home town.  A few months ago she moved in with her childhood sweetheart. By all accounts, Amber is a responsible, caring, daughter, friend, and girlfriend.  She was an  "average Pictou County girl " until Oct. 9th, 2011.

Amber went out on the town with girlfriends on Oct. 9th.  They weren't doing anything sinister, illegal or underhanded.  They were doing what teenagers in New Glasgow have been doing for years. They were having a good time and enjoying themselves; what we all did when we were 19 or so.   At 1:30 am, Amber called her boyfriend to come pick her up.  She wasn't drinking and driving. Her friends didn't leave her behind anywhere. They were looking out for each other.  She had about a 10 minute walk to the "pick up point" to meet her boyfriend at a local extended hours convenience store.  She never arrived and friends and family haven't seen her since.

Like thousands of people, Amber has entered my thoughts and consciousness.  She is from my home town. I know the streets she walked on, I could walk that path with my eyes closed. And, prior to Oct. 9th, I would have because I would have considered it safe to do so.   Some of my relatives are on the search teams that have been looking for her for the past weeks.  I have friends that know her and her family or taught her in school.  To some extent we all feel like we "know her" now. She is no longer an "average teenager" and we feel connected to her. We can't know how her parents and friends feel, but we feel the intensity of their pain and share the grief, the unknowing, the terror.

Within the first few minutes of her not arriving at the designated pick up point, social media was "on the case".  Amber's friends were sending out messages on Facebook. Calls were made all over the place. The search was launched quickly.  Yet Amber is still missing.

I believe in the power of intention and of focused consciousness. So today, I thought I'd join in the effort in some small way to focus intention on getting Amber back home. In a shifting world, maybe we can shift in positive ways and with that focused attention we can somehow do something that we don't even understand, that shifts the balance so that Amber returns. Maybe in non-physical ways, we can search the universe the way search teams are physically searching the woods and area around where she was last seen or might have been seen. I have no idea how this works, but I think we have to believe in a changing in world. We have to believe that we all have powers and abilities we don't recognize or understand. I'd like to use those abilities for good.

I believe in distance healing. If I could "beam some Bach" Amber's way, I send her Rock Rose, Mimulus, Cherry Plum, Crab Apple and Cerato. 

I'd send her Rock Rose because I'm sure she must be terrified. I'd also send the hope that the vibrational power of Rock Rose could move her out of a "frozen in place" fear and help her find the strength to do something to send a signal, get out of the situation, and get home.

I'm send her Mimulus for what surely must be known fears- perhaps a lot of them.  I'd send the intention that Mimulus could help her face her fears with courage and presence of mind so she can move through the emotions and find some way to rational action.

I'd send her Cherry Plum because I think there must be a part of her that is afraid she will lose her mind and perhaps lose control of her mind, be on the verge of breakdown. I'd hope that Cherry Plum could give her the ability to calm her mind so she can act rationally and with focus.

I'd send Crab Apple because I think any 19 year old girl that has been away from home, and perhaps creature comforts, for this long could use that power of cleansing and the sense of self acceptance. The knowledge that everyone just wants her back, no matter what.

Finally,  but perhaps most importantly, I'd send her Cerato.  It is said that everyone has exactly what they need within themselves, and only from within. So I'd want Amber to have some Cerato to help her balance her faith and trust in herself and her inner knowing.  I'd hope the Cerato could help her find her inner wisdom and follow it. I'd want her to discover her power from within.

I don't have any answers, any solutions, any guesses or thoughts other than I hope Amber makes it home. And I'm going to put some thought to that and I hope everyone that reads this does the same.  The thought of anything else is a place that none of us want to go. Things like this aren't supposed to happen. They definitely aren't supposed to happen in a small town where people know each other and look out for each other.  But if something this "unthinkable" can happen, then maybe something just as "unthinkable" but positive, can happen too.  Maybe the power of focused consciousness, positive thoughts, and prayers to whoever or whatever you pray to, can make a difference.

Here's hope from the darkness.

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  1. This didn't end the way everyone hoped it would. Amber's body was found on the weekend. I send her family love and peace.