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Monday, November 21, 2011

8th Chakra, Thymus & Bach Flowers

Although the primary chakras have traditionally been considered to be the 7 primary ones, there also exists an 8th Chakra that is said to become developed once you have moved through the other seven. This 8th Chakra is considered to be the "Seat of the Soul" and is sometimes referred to as the High Heart Chakra.

I've done a couple of blog postings on this chakra.  The first one included basic information of it as the high heart chakra In another posting I explained the significance of malachite as a healing element for this chakra  I didn't plan this, so it rather took me by surprise, perhaps freaked me out (in a good way) when I went to post this one today and discovered that the dates when I last was focused on this chakra were almost exactly a year ago. I don't know the significance of that, but it sort of inspired me to keep writing!

This 8th Chakra is located midway between the heart and throat chakras.  That puts it physically in alignment with, and resonating with, the thymus gland. Biologically, the thymus gland functions in immunity. It is considered part of your lymphatic system, but as an organ, it isn't perhaps as well understand as some of the others.  It gets pretty "high tech".  It isn't just "average, every day, protection from disease stuff", it has very specific, targeted attraction, and adaptive immunity functions. Immature cells are first produced in your red marrow. Unlike other white blood cells that are created and mature in your marrow, these thymus lymphocytes (t-cells)  travel as undeveloped babies, through the blood stream and lymph to your thymus.  Once these cells get to your thymus they mature and differentiate in very specific ways and become capable of responding when and if you need them. For the rest of your life. All this is done before puberty because this organ becomes less and less active as we age (at least the part of it that we are aware of).  That kind of goes with the theory that "everything you need you already  have when you come into this world," in my opinion.

So both the t-cells and the 8th chakra are focused on differentiating self from others.  For the T-cells they hang around waiting for foreign physical invasions.  When their specific memory is triggered by a antigen (foreign, not one of us good guys) they surround and immobilize it, rendering it harmless to self.  A "T-cell" count is a common medical diagnostic test. Blood is drawn and the T-cells are counted.  Too many T-cells might indicate disease such as mononucleosis, or leukemia or myelomas.  It means your body is working hard against something it considers bad.  A lower than normal T-cell count might signify AIDS/HIV, viral infections, cancers, Hodgkin's, or recent radiation therapy. Low levels more or less explain that you are "compromised" or not as able to "fight off the bad guys" as maybe you could be.

Maybe it's just what I'm "tuned in to" lately, but it seems to me that there has been a rise in immune disorders. A lot of people seem to be getting diagnosed with auto-immune problems and rather vague immune problem conditions. Hmm...Does that mean for some reason collectively we need to pay some attention to the development and balanced functioning of our 8th chakra?  That could just be a huge non-scientific leap in assumption. Then again....

Emotionally the 8th chakra is said to be what really connects your physical body self to the divine. The seat of your soul really is that knowing, that life purpose, that reason for being. For a great explanation of this check out this quick youtube video!

Dr. Bach believed that emotional imbalances where what prevented the body from being able to heal itself. His line of essences was designed to bring our emotions to balance so our body could heal itself.  So it seems to me, Bach Flowers should be particularly helpful to try and get an unbalanced thymus back in order and a disconnected "seat of the soul" emotionally secure again.

Dr. Bach didn't match his essences to chakras. They are meant to be matched personally to your emotions and by that manner you may find relief of physical symptoms. But it can often be tricky to really figure out which emotions might not be in balance, particularly when you are trying to look within.

It seems to me that there are three Bach flowers that have a particular connection to the 8th chakra and to some extent the thymus and immunity.  They are Beech, Centaury, and Chestnut Bud. There are others that might resonate as well, such as Crab Apple or Walnut, and but I think Beech, Centaury and Chestnut Bud are worth considering for sure.

Beech is indicated for irritation and intolerance of others.  That sounds a little like the T-cells lining themselves up to attack anything that isn't considered "self". When we are feeling critical of others it's often because we aren't quite so secure in our own beliefs, direction and thoughts. Interestingly, Beech is often the essence to turn to with allergies and sensitivities- there appears the immune system again.  Taking Beech may help you ease up on judgements of others and therefore find yourself more tolerant to let others be. This often comes when you feel more tolerant and forgiving of yourself as well.

Centaury may also be indicated for imbalances of the 8th chakra. Centaury types are over-sensitive. They can be quite submissive in nature and often neglect self for others. They tend to give too much of themselves and are easily imposed on. They can be bullied easily and they can also be constant "rescuers", very helpful to others to the point of loosing a sense of self.  Centaury is about not having clear distinctions between self and others.  The lines start to get blurred. Physically this can result in decreased or  low energy levels, backache and strain, and anaemia.  Taking Centaury can help balance the need to take care of self and really nurture yourself as much as you would others. It's about finding what you need for you and then supplying  it to yourself.  You have what you need within, you just need to allow that to work for you rather than giving it all away.

Chestnut Bud seems to me to have a powerful connection to the 8th chakra.  Chestnut Bud is indicated when you aren't learning from experience.  The 8th chakra is all about memory connections.  When balanced, this chakra understands old memory codes, past lives, and past lessons and brings that memory into the present to work for you. T-cells are these memory coded cells that recognize a past event and work to prevent the same "bad thing" from happening again.  They may have to work the first time they see the "bad guys" or those things that aren't "part of self", but once that memory is there- it's there forever.  Chestnut Bud can help you use your past experiences in positive ways. That may translate into reappearing health problems starting to improve.

Today's picture is an electron microscope view of a T-cell that comes from the Journal of Cell Biology.  I imagine they meant it to be highly technical and informative, but I actually thought it was quite beautiful , perhaps because of the colors.  The blue part is the receptor portion of a T-cell and the green "stuff" is proteins on the T-cell surface that help embrace the bad guy to demobilize it. The blue and green colors together are really the color that resonates with the 8th chakra. Hmm....

Lots of unsubstantiated ideas, assumptions, and thoughts in the material above. But maybe that's what the 8th chakra is all about- a leap of faith because your soul actually remembers something your body can't quite get it's mind around...

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