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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sun and Moon in Sagittarius & Bach Flower Impatiens

According to my We'Moon book, today the Sun is in Sagittarius and on Thursday the New Moon will be in Sagittarius as well. That brings forth a pretty powerful "call to action".

Sagittarius is a fire sign. Sagittarius are about the action, movement and change that fire represents. Just like a rip roaring fire, the focus of those born under this sign is usually up and out- towards the mountain tops, beyond the constraints of the earth or deep into the wilds of nature.

Because they like to look beyond the obvious, Sagittarians often have a grasp of the big picture, but they trip over the details close to the ground and close to home. Sagittarians hate fences, rules, and structure of any kind. They often rebel against, or just flat out ignore, those kinds of constraints. They are better at "save the world" ideas, then they are at balancing their checkbook. In fact, most Sagittarians likely don't own a checkbook, or if they do, they are using it as a doorstop or they have put it under the wobbly leg in the coffee shop table so others won't spill their coffee when they sit down.

All this outward and upward energy of the sun and then a new moon in this sign may generate movement. We may find it difficult to sit still, or impossible to sit down and work out the details. This kind of restlessness calls for the Bach Flower essence Impatiens. Impatiens is a match for those that feel the world is just not happening fast enough. People that respond well to Impatiens often want everything done instantly or better yet, yesterday! If you see yellow traffic lights as a signal to speed up, start the wood fire with a blow torch, or have mastered the art of filling your coffee mug while the brew is still dripping, you might benefit from a few drops of Impatiens. 

All that  swirling, fiery energy, may make everyone a bit impatient, and with that can come a sense of frustration. Sagittarian energy encourages people to work alone and do things on their own  because they are too impatient to take the time to explain the project to others. It can feel like everyone else is moving slower than you and with such upward thinking you may overlook the talented people right in front of you. Taking Impatiens can help you stop and breathe for a moment and realize that everyone is doing their best. It can help you realize that perhaps others are covering in the details you may have missed in your haste. It can help you slow down your brain a bit so that thought and action can actually work together to result in achievement of goals.

Fire Science 101 states that to have fire you have to have three things: heat, fuel, and oxygen.  Take away any one of those three things and the fire goes out. Sagittarians bring the heat to the party, but they may well forget that some sticks, dry brush, and a log or two are needed.  Once that fire gets going, you need oxygen to keep it lit. The Sagittarian energy needs space, oxygen, and  breathing room in order to feel alive. Put a bucket over that heated fuel and the fire goes out.

We're all in this together. Some people are the heat source that suggest you light a fire and roast that marshmallow into a totally new food group in the first place. That's the kind of energy that is floating around out there today, and under Thursday's New Moon.  The New Moon phase itself is all about starting new things and bringing in new energy. It's about changing solid masses into something with a bit more texture. This will be a real time of action, change, new ideas, and starting great things. But that type of energy requires balance from people that are well grounded  and solid enough to agree to fuel the project. You will also need some pretty blustery creatures that are willing to fan the flames and stay awake to make sure it doesn't all go out.

In order to toast the perfect marshmallow you have to start with fire, but you might need some of Dr. Bach's Impatiens in order to find the patience and calmness to wait long enough, keep the fire tended to, and when  the embers are hot and glowing, create that perfect transformation. Bon appetite!


  1. My birthday is in a week and a half. I am so Sagittarian in the "do not put a bucket over me or I will burn out" way. Thanks for this post. I will be referring back to it over and over.

  2. Happy Birthday a week and a half early!! Enjoy the fire from within!!