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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Animal Signs: Seal

Do you ever get the feeling that you're just trying too hard?  If you've been following along and read yesterday's post, you might have decided, like I did, that your rational mind is just spinning a bit too fast and trying to encourage you to "keep doing "when the best choice of all might be to just "stop and go with the flow" for a bit.

According to Daniel Mapel in, Into The Heart of The Wild, this might be be a good time to consider the Seal animal essence. Mapel uses the vibrational energy of totem animals to create a line of essences that can be used to connect you with the healing energy of these animals.

In Celtic tradition, humans are closely linked to animals and the appearance of, or a certain connection with an animal reveals something about ourselves. So, if you're drawn to seals, or for some reason they have been appearing in your thoughts, dreams, or consciousness, the message may be for you to "lighten up a bit", stop trying so hard and allow things to unfold as they are meant to. Stop doing and thinking and try being and feeling. Hmm...

Seals are pretty playful, fluid creatures. They flow through the water with an ease and grace that suggests letting go and allowing.  Not much splashing or effort to their swimming.  They just glide through the path of least resistance and  follow the current without a lot of worry and stress it would seem.

Seals spend much of their time in the water but they are also comfortable on land and it's on land where they give birth. This dual nature is a symbol of the need to integrate our inner thoughts and feelings with the practical side of nature. There are two sides to the fulfillment of dreams and visions.  There is the idea and feeling part that is optimally conceived deep inside us, in the creative fluidity of our mind. Once we can really have that connection with our feelings, we can birth those ideas best if we choose some practical methods and allow our rational mind to help. Help, but not take over.  Unlike seals, human often tend to resist those deep inner rhythms and we try to create and do without paying attention to intuition. We ignore our inner mind and intuition in favor of our rational, practical mind.

Sometimes we involve our inner knowing in the initial creation but the gestation period  gives us some trouble. Having made that connection to our inner selves and feeling we have a notion of what we want to create, we swim against the current to try and get right to the land to give birth to that idea. We push others out of the way, we struggle against the tide, icebergs and debris. The harder it gets to reach land the harder we try. After all, our rational mind firmly believes in the "no pain, no gain" principle.  Deep down we might even start to feel pretty good about the struggle. It helps us think our idea was a good one if it doesn't come easily. We'll be able to tell our children how tough life was, how hard we worked to survive. We'll feel like strong, rugged survivors.

Seals spend a lot of time just swimming around with no particular destination in mind, playing, and having fun. Seals don't worry about being swept away and drowning in the current. They know they are good swimmers, even better floaters,  and they don't fight the deep rhythms. When we connect with seal energy we can release our worry, fear and anxiety. We can let go and let be. In that space of equal balance, where thoughts and emotions flow together, we'll find ourselves arriving at the right spot on land at the right time. We'll just float right on up to the perfect spot!

Sounds good.  Easier said than done. Rock Water as a Bach Flower might be helpful to encourage you to go with the flow of the current. Rock Water types often tend to overwork the current and find themselves drowning as a result. When in a Rock Water state you tend to stick to very rigid methods of "doing".  There is no room for "being" when you're in a Rock Water mind set. You try very hard to rule your mind. You are extremely disciplined and proud of it.  Rock Water can help you allow for some flexibility. A few drops of Rock Water may help you reconnect with your inner harmony, your intuition and the side of you that is happy to just float along without worrying that the wharf may not quite be within your line of sight just yet.

I don't know if it's the whole opposing thumbs thing, the invention of fire, or just our journey, but we humans seem to take ourselves pretty seriously. We even approach spiritual growth and enlightenment with this intense sense of doing. And I just don't think it works like that. Or maybe, I "feel" it doesn't work like that. Life is supposed to be fun. Maybe instead of reading about spiritual enlightenment, how to meditate, how to connect with ourselves, and how to improve our mind, our body and our soul, we should just "shape shift" away.  Maybe, just maybe, we could shape shift into a seal and enjoy a little afternoon dip in the ocean....

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