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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Full Moon in Taurus

Today is a full moon.  According to my We'Moon 2011 book, the full moon is in Taurus. Combine that type of moon phase with a pretty powerful tropical storm brewing off our coast, set to combine with another weather front that will bring heavy rainfall and wind just in time to really dampen Remembrance Day Ceremonies tomorrow, and it feels like there is some heavy energy out there.

The Moon in Taurus is said to ground us and cause us to slow down and take a look at our deeper roots and natural connections. When under this kind of moon influence, it's appropriate to examine your physical being, see what might be needing your attention, and get outside to find the nature your soul may be craving. Such deep, grounded roots resonate with the First Chakra and our need to feel safe and secure in our environment.

A lot of people have been telling me that they haven't been feeling as impacted by this full moon as they typically are during this powerful phase in the moon's cycle.  Maybe that's because this moon actually connects us and squares us with the earth, rather than "taking us away" to the cosmos where we might feel light-headed, dizzy and find it difficult to sleep.

It seems very appropriate to have the moon in Taurus in November, particularly at this time of the month when we consider past wars, grievances, losses and gains. It's also a time when you can't ignore nature. Leaves are turning and falling all around us, the earth seems to be preparing itself for change and rest, and most people have some sense of a wish to hibernate- if only for a couple of days or a weekend.  Our bodies start to prepare for the coming winter and we switch our focus to homey traditions.  We put snow tires on our cars to keep us connected to the earth. 

To feel safe and secure in a physical space  is a wonderful cozy feeling.  To not feel safe and secure, to not have that sense of physical protection can be terrifying. The Bach Flower essences that help balance the Root Chakra include Rock Rose, Sweet Chestnut Clematis  

There is a bit of a price to pay for being that grounded, slowed down person that sees the sacredness in nature.  People born under a Taurus moon don't like to change quickly.  They prefer slow changes and they like to think about things, adjusting slowly rather than full speed ahead.

So perhaps we will feel the slow comfort of the Full Moon in Taurus, but have a bit of difficulty moving out of it once it starts to wan, once the high winds and heavy rain of a storm blow in.  For that, you might want to consider having some of the Bach Flower essence Walnut around. Consider it a "back up plan", once the speed kicks up a notch or two after the full moon.

But for today and tonight at least, enjoy the Full moon in Taurus and celebrate it by being good to yourself. Prepare a safe next and settle in. It's a great night for a plate of ginger cookies and a good book!

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