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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Asteroids, Impending Doom & Bach Flowers

Are you having that sense today that something big, black and unknown might be hurtling straight towards you ? When you feel that dark sense and have no idea what's causing it, it is somethings described as the "sense of impending doom".  Emergency responders often experience this. They just have a feeling that a bad call might be about to occur.  It's the thing that makes you check your radio batteries, re-stock your supplies, maybe stick close to home, put your gear in the car, or make sure you have your cell phone or pager with you.

This sense of gloom doesn't have a definitive cause- you don't know why you feel that way, you just do.  But perhaps the feeling really does come from some point of awareness we aren't quite in touch with.  Maybe we feel the full moon phase (it's actually full on Thursday), maybe we sense incoming storms or changing weather patterns. Certainly there might be a feeling that people get in earthquake prone areas when that first really deep deep rumbling is going on, long before it actually reaches the surface.

So if you're having this sense today... here's the thing.... A 400 metre-wide asteroid, affectionately named 2005 YU55 by NASA, is orbiting out there in our moon's orbit, taking a close swing towards the earth today. Before you tuck your head between your legs, or dive under the desk- read on.  It's been well-tracked by scientists and they have ruled out any chance of impact.  It isn't anticipated to do any damage to us or the moon. Apparently a similar event occurred with a similar sized object in 1976 and if you're reading this, chances are that didn't adversely affect you either.

But maybe, just maybe, when something the size of an aircraft carrier is orbiting "close"  to us, we feel it on some cellular level? Without the aid of at least a pretty high powered telescope, you're not going to see this thing. Tomorrow, or later tonight when it's moving further away instead of closer to, you might start to feel a bit better, your impending doom might feel lighter and yet, you might be unable to explain why.

We humans, don't always deal well with our emotions. We like to analyze things and figure out why we are feeling the way we do. Have you ever noticed that animals don't have trouble sleeping? They just sleep or they don't.  Humans sometimes toss and turn unable to stop the analyzing process. It's what makes us humans, and it's sometimes what keeps us up at night. It's can also be what turns the sense of impending doom into known fear or extreme terror. Luckily, there are some Bach flower essences that might be helpful to prevent this process.

Mustard is the essence that helps in the very initial phase of that "sense of doom and gloom". If rather than putting a lot of analyzing into why you feel this dark cloud, you take a couple of drops of mustard, you might allow your body to balance out and find joy, peace and stability. Mustard can help you "shake off" that deep cellular connection to changes within your environment that you can't see, feel, and perhaps, don't need to analyze.

If you're too late for Mustard because you have read Heather's blog, surfed the net, watched the news, or called some friends and already found an object, event, or possibility to create fear that matches with your impending doom, you might benefit from Mimulus. Mimulus is helpful when you have turned that unknown fear into something tangible- like a storm, an asteroid, a disease, job loss, or poverty. We like to make our feelings match with what we see, so we can be pretty good at creating a scenario that acknowledges our cellular fears. Taking Mimulus can help you balance that fear, so that you allow your sense of action and realistic thought to match with your emotions.

If you're way too far gone for Mimulus and you moved from known fear into total terror, you might benefit from Rock Rose.  If you've done so much research into asteroids for instance, bought the movie, and now don't believe the scientists, are sure there is an "asteroid destroying part of the earth conspiracy theory", are pretty sure that asteroid is on a track heading right for your house where it will equate to a direct hit at a 7.0 earthquake level with a following tsunami, Rock Rose might do wonders for you. Rock Rose can help restore calmness and presence of mind so that you can face events realistically rather than adopting a frozen in fear, sense of helplessness.

We put our emotions on in layers. The older we are, the more layers we tend to have developed in our efforts to sort out our feelings and experiences. Sometimes, when we analyze instead of just acknowledging feelings, we build the layers even higher.

Bach Flower essences work on that layered effect. So if you find yourself in a Rock Rose state, once you take the Rock Rose, you might need to follow up with some Mimulus, and once you've taken the Mimulus you might need to follow that up with some Mustard.  It's all about getting to your true core and sense of self where emotions and experiences are balanced and harmonious, allowing your body to react effectively to what is really around you.

It's about being "prepared and not scared". It's always a good idea to check your stock, have a survival kit ready, and have a plan of what you might do an emergency.  Cell phones are not helpful if they aren't turned on or don't have charged batteries. Flashlights with good batteries can go a long way to helping you take effective action during storms and emergency situations. So if that sense of impending doom motivates you to be prepared- allow that feeling to move you forward.  But once you have prepared, be careful that you haven't created a monster that now layers you in uncomfortable ways. And perhaps your survival kit should include a bottle of Rescue Remedy, or a remedy or two that's right for the way you experience fear.

After all, that asteroid is expected to remain 0.8 Lunar Distance away from earth.  1 Lunar Distance is equivalent to 384,000 kilometers.  It seems like, if you're remaining anywhere on earth for the next few hours,  you have picked a pretty safe vantage spot.

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