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Friday, November 11, 2011

A Day of Elevens

Today in the 11th day of the 11th month of 2011.  All those elevens speak to some pretty powerful energy. In numerology, eleven is a Master Number. It is said to reflect transformation of the physical into the Divine. This isn't "doomsday stuff", it is positive, new beginnings, open heart and mind possibilities. A chance to move forward with ease.

There are a lot of organized events around this date that seem to focus on everything from large group marriages, to focused individual meditations. It kind of feels to me that no one really knows what to expect, but there is an air of positive expectation around the day and whatever it might bring.

Some of the events that have been predicted or anticipated, relate to a quantum shift  in the earth's Crystal Grid System. Lucia Rene talks about this system in her book Unplugging the Patriarchy  The system is said to function for the planet in similar fashion to the way the chakra's work within the human body. So, on today's date, the opportunity may be to bring increased light energy, and higher vibrations to the planet. It's about an ability to transform, not  on an individual level but on a "whole earth" level. 

I'm not sure I understand much of this. In fact, I might not really understand any of this!  What I do understand though, is that it likely doesn't matter what my mind and head think about all of this.  I doubt it makes any real difference to the cosmic set -up as to whether or not I can figure out the science or mystic significance behind today's date!

I think it's enough to just feel good about the day.  And to me, it does just feel good today in some unexplainable way.  My mind says it shouldn't really feel so positive.  In my part of the world it is storming.  We have high winds and driving rain as I type this.  People are already experiencing flooding and this is likely to increase over the next 24 hours. There's a good chance the power may go out before I finish this. It's Remembrance Day and that alone usually  feels kind of dreary and heavy to me.  Not so today.  It just feels lighter in some indescribable way to me.

Maybe that's the kind of "cosmic opening" people are referring to.  Maybe it's about feeling lighter in our hearts or at some energy level that we can't quite put words or science too. Maybe it's about letting go of fear, of old ways of doing things, of  letting go of the analysis. Maybe it's about just allowing something greater than us to balance things out and bring us to a new level.

Here's to the peace of global balance however that may happen.

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