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Monday, January 3, 2011

Wild Oat for Finding Direction

January can be a difficult time of year. Perhaps it's because we no longer hold the romantic notion of snow and a "white Christmas" that we did in November and December and the idea of a Canadian winter closer to beginning rather than ending can be a bit daunting. Maybe it's because of the down time during the Christmas season in which we might have had a chance to stop and think, do some soul searching and some introspection. That kind of inner critique combined with resolve to start a new year on a different foot sounds good in theory but can be tough to put into action. Maybe you've taken off the Agrimony mask (see the previous entry) and aren't quite sure what's underneath.

If you feel you are looking for change but aren't quite sure which direction to take, Wild Oat may be a helpful Bach Flower essence for you. Wild Oat is for those people that are "ready to go" with ambition and talents but completely undecided as to what to do. You know you want change but have no idea what the "new thing" would look like. It is particularly helpful if you are looking for career paths or life purpose goals. In a Wild Oat state you don't feel undecided between two different things- that's more a Scleranthus type feeling. The Wild Oat person has no idea between a multitude of possibilities.

People in a Wild Oat state may try several different careers, have multiple hobbies and varied talents. They tend to become easily bored, and very unsettled and therefore drift from place to place or job to job. They aren't content with their drifting though and may feel frustrated and dissatisfied as though life is passing them by in some way as though they aren't reaching their true potential or on the right path.

Wild Oat can help you find a clear picture of what you want to do in life and help give you the ability to decide on your true path, bringing your talents and ambition to a focus. For truly multi-talented people, Wild Oat may help you find ways of pursuing more than one career at once. Wild Oat can help balance that unsettled feeling.

Rather than resort back to the "same old, same old" because it's somewhat comfortable and easy, consider trying some Wild Oat Bach Flower essence to move yourself towards the change you are seeking.

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