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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Channeling Worry to Action

I come from a pretty solid line of worriers. I suspect most of us do. When you enter the world of natural healing, the worry doesn't disappear- at least in didn't for me, and in some instances it intensifies. This is particularly true if you do some research, gain some knowledge, and in the process become the primary care-giver for your family (including pets!) as well as yourself. Listening to your intuition can be very rewarding when it works. But some healing takes a long time and therefore gives the mind a long time to override your sense of trust filling you with doubt, concern and worry. Going against popular opinion can be worrisome in itself and unlike allopathic healing(using drugs), natural healing works to cure rather than suppress symptoms. That means sometimes it takes a while to feel better, and sometimes new symptoms pop up in the process- lots of worry material!

Eckhart Tolle in "A New Earth" and "The Power of Now", writes about living in the moment and not projecting into the future or dredging up the past. If you haven't read his book at least once, you are missing some valuable insight into decreasing your worry gene, in my opinion.

When experimenting with natural healing you can follow a 3 step process to avoid some of the worry.
1. Decide on a course of action. And "do nothing" can be an action. Make this decision based on research, the opinion of a practitioner you trust, and your intuition or inner guidance system.
2. Once committed to a course of action give yourself a parameter on which to re-assess the action. This might be time based (a day, a week), symptom based (better or worsening), or based on additional input or changing circumstances (you win the lottery,loss your job).
3. Implement the course of action and stop thinking about it. (this is the difficult step). Whenever you start thinking about it, questioning yourself or worrying, go back to your step 2 and ask yourself if this is part of your reassessment plan. If it's time to reassess based on your plan, then think about it and decide on new action. If it's not, let it go -your thinking isn't based on action so doesn't serve a purpose.

If you need some support in the "anti-worry" strategy there is a Bach Flower essence that can help! We lump a lot of emotions into the category of worry and subtle differences point to different Bach flower essences, but if your worry is linked to "fear or over concern for others" - especially family members and pets, Red Chestnut might be helpful for you. Red Chestnut can help you care for others with compassion but not anxiety. If you find your are fretful and worrying about other people's problems, concerned that minor complaints will turn into something serious, and expecting the worst, Red Chestnut can be very soothing. Red Chestnut is very helpful for that temporary state caregivers,counsellors, parents and pet-owners can find themselves in when the worry takes over.

Just take 2 drops of Red Chestnut directly on your tongue, mix it in a soothing tea, or sip it in a glass of water. Sit back and quiet your mind.

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