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Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Shopping Irritation & Beech

So today is "Black Friday" in the U.S. It sounds ominous, but apparently just means great deals in the Thanksgiving/Christmas spirit. The holiday spirit seems in full force in Canada as well as retailers are quick to point out they are putting specials on "just like our American counterparts". Hmmm... If the very thought of struggling through crowds to find yet another "must have" at a good price leaves you feeling irritated and disgruntled- Beech might be a good Bach flower for you.

Perhaps it comes to mind to me today as I struggle with some computer issues that are taking my "zen-ness" away in little bits and pieces!

The Bach flower Beech is indicated if you are feeling intolerant of what you perceive as other people's shortcomings. It is recommended if you are finding yourself bothered by the mannerisms of others, if noises that usually wouldn't both you are grating to your nerves, and you find yourself just a little "ticked off at the world". When in a Beech mood you are convinced you are right and the rest of the world is wrong. You are convinced you deserve that special item and no one else should dare even be in the line-up ahead of you. If that woman that is talking cheerfully to the check-out person while you wait four customers behind her loaded down with deals you aren't even sure you want anyway, is making you feel homicidal - Beech is indicated!!

Beech is not a "soul type" but is either a passing mood or in more extreme instances a condition that builds up over time. The Beech tree is said to be able to grow up with any other species of tree or vegetation but no others can grow up under a Beech tree. The tree grows others out or pushes them away. Beech trees seem strong and dominate but in fact they have a very superficial hold with their roots spread over the ground without penetrating very deep. In a strong wind a Beech tree may be upturned and torn from it's hold on the earth. Like the tree, people that can benefit from Beech don't tolerate competition well and close themselves off from others either by pushing them away or withdrawing.

So if the holiday mood has you in a Beech "spirit", consider a couple of drops of Beech in a glass of egg nog before you hit the mall!!

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