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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Elm for feeling "overwhelmed"

It seems that September can be kind of a difficult month. Feels a bit like January does, maybe because like Christmas, we put so many expectations on "summer" that once it's over, we feel a bit let down. Maybe we missed something? Now responsibilities and the "to do" lists of things we put off till "after summer" hit us full force.

Like January and New Year's resolutions, September also seems to come with resolutions: to finish homework, to have a family meal at the table every night (a personal challenge), to be organized in the mornings,to leave work on time every night, stick to the exercise plan etc. etc.

If September has you feeling "overwhelmed with responsibilities"- Elm might be a particularly helpful Bach Flower essence for you right now. Elm is indicated when people who are usually competent and capable momentarily lose their confidence and feel overwhelmed by the workload. If you feel unable to deal with the list of events and find yourself talking on too much work without having time to take care of yourself, Elm may be helpful. Elm can help restore your capable personality so you can see things in persepctive and take on only as much as you can cope with.

Elm can also be helfpul for children that may be feeling overwhelmed by the sudden routine of school, the demands of a new curriculum, team tryouts, and after-school programs.

When September feels at it's craziest- add one more item to your "to do list":
Stop! Breathe in and breathe out, relax!!

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