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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Impatiens & Lost Keys

Life has been a little hectic for me the past few days and I have been running in multiple directions- sometimes at the same time it feels like! To top it off, and this is likely pertinent to the story, yesterday I had a double expresso and a cup of coffee before coming home from a meeting. A couple of hours later when getting ready to go to the evening meeting I realized I couldn't find my car keys.. no where. I'm good at retracing my steps so went through all of that- no keys. I knew they had to be somewhere between car and house because I had driven home! but no idea where. I had to use the spare keys(emergency management trick) to get to the evening meeting.

I was impatient with the meeting and getting to it because I was still thinking of those lost keys. It occured to me I should have taken the Bach Flower Essence Impatiens for exactly that reason! In fact, had I taken that instead of the double expresso and coffee- I might not have lost the keys in the first place!

Impatiens is for people that want everything done instantly. It is one of the ingredients in Rescue Remedy as well and for me can be the key to getting rid of a headache! People needing impatients act, think and speak quickly. Although capable and efficient, when in an Impatient state they are irritiated and frustrated in slower people or co-workers and often for that reason prefer to work alone. Impatiens can help you relax, cope calmly and be sympathetic and diplomatic with others. Hm....

So back home, flashlight searches in the dark, everywhere in the house including places they could not possibly be. Finally I went to bed and remembered something I had read once- too impatient to remember where I read it! I asked the "Deva of Lost Things" to help me find my car keys and honestly and truly "let it go" until the morning. I actually felt quite peaceful and confident doing that. I was about 3 pages into a really good book and quite focused on the book when I suddenly, out of no where, knew where the keys were. I remembered taking some recycling garbage out of the car and sure enough there were my car keys lying right underneath the empty bag of cheezies (I know, but I enjoyed every single one of them!) in the plastic recyling. Amazing!! More amazing is that other members of my family had checked that bag twice for the keys actually in the "big key search" and swear they weren't there!

The End!
P.S. My car is not a Ferrari like the keys in the picture.. maybe I should talk to a Deva about that!!

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  1. Indeed, thank god for impatiens - but, truly, the expresso first is more fun. And, after all, impatiens is a REMEDY, hence should be preceded by something that it then can remedy... now, how is that for great logic on a sunny Tuesday morning?!!