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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ayurveda Healing: The Pitta Dosha

According to ayurveda, everyone is composed of three doshas in varying combinations. The Pitta dosha is formed from the elements fire and water. This combination creates a "steam powered" personality for people with pitta as their prakriti or dominant constitution.

The Pitta personality is often considered the "type A" individual. They are often astute business types with keen intelligence and a sense of efficiency and order. They are intense.

The physical characteristics of the pitta dosha relate to the mesomorph body type- medium, muscular build. They may have fair, light brown or red hair if caucasian, with a reddish complexion. Their hair tends to be straight, may be prematurely grey, and may be thin or receding.

Pitta's are always hungry and never miss a meal. They are ruled by their watch and may stick to very rigid meal times. They usually have energetic metabolisms so they don't have a lot of problems keeping their weight down.

When pittas are unbalanced,they tend to fly into a rage. They can become intensely angry and impatient. The physical symptoms of imbalance are often related to fire and water and tend to be inflammations, infections, sore throats and fevers as well as ulcers and colitis. When unbalanced, pittas often crave the things that would throw them even more off balance, like hot spicy foods.

Because they are hot themselves, Pittas tend to dislike and avoid heat and the sun. They sweat profusely and often succumb to heat exhaustion. They may wake up at night over-heated and extremely thirsty.

Cool, soothing foods help balance an over-active Pitta. Sweet fruits, cottage cheese, mint teas, and green leafy salads help pacify pitta. Fried, oily hot foods are not usually good for pittas and red meats can cause pitta imbalances. Processed and fast foods are particularly disturbing to pittas as they respond much better to pure or natural foods.

The key to balancing pitta is moderation. Many workaholics are pittas out of balance and they have a tendency to burn out unless they slow down, wind down, and decrease stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, empty calories, and more work. To balance over active pitta you should avoid strenuous exertion and opt for more calming activities like meditation, walks in nature, or yoga.

For Pitta's, laughter may well be the best medicine. They are very good at taking themselves seriously, and sometimes a funny movie, laughter with friends and enjoying the lighter side of life can provide all the balance that is required.

If you're not sure what dosha you are - go back to the first blog on ayurveda healing ( 2 entries ago) where I suggest an online site that can help determine your type.

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