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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Food for the Solar Chakra

If you've been following along, back in November I talked about foods that are linked to the root or first chakra. Before Christmas I put up an entry about foods that are linked to the second or sacral chakra, and the vanilla cardamon pudding was incredible! Time to move on to the third chakra which is also known as the solar chakra.

The third chakra is linked to self esteem and self confidence. The life lesson involved with this chakra is that of discovering your true personality, developing a sense of self, and emotional awareness. The developmental age of this chakra is from 14 to 21 years of age, a time when you usually are faced with life obstacles and challenges that encourage you to take risks and act with personal integrity, making the choices that work for you rather than following the crowd or going with what is popular.

When the third chakra is too open or spins too fast, you may find yourself angry and controlling. Workaholics who are judgemental and superior may have a solar chakra that is spinning much too fast. On the opposite end of the scale, a blocked or sluggish solar chakra is often manifested in insecurity. The person with a blocked third chakra may be overly concerned with what others think, and can often become the type of person that constantly needs and seeks reassurance. When the third chakra is balanced, a person respects both self and others. The balanced chakra results in personal power, a spontaneous person that is uninhibited by what others may think or feel. Secure in personal self, the balanced third chakra does not judge others either and allows for individual expression. The color that resonates with the solar chakra is yellow. In "Melvin's Balloons", my children's book on colors, emotions, and balloons from the moon's perspective (if that hooks you- check it out at or a bookstore near you!)Melvin finds the energy to be himself through yellow balloons. The yellow color helps him shine brightly, secure in his abilities.

It comes as no surprise then, that one of the foods that is linked to this chakra is lemon.

The Ayurveda regards lemon as a valuable fruit for all doshas. It is considered sour, warm, promoter of gastric fire, light, pungent and astringent all in one! The Solar Chakra is very connected to digestion. It is found between the navel and the sternum- most of the digestive area. Problems with the Chakra often manifest themselves physically in digestive disorders such as ulcers, weight gain around the stomach, diabetes and allergies. Not surprisingly, lemon can be helpful for all these concerns. Lemon reduces excessive flow of bile. It aids digestion and removes constipation. It can help prevent vomiting, throat trouble, coughs, breathing problems such as asthma, and relieves rheumatism. Lemon is considered an antibacterial agent and may be anti-viral and anti-parasitic as well as it is said to help prevent or restrain influenza, malaria, hepatitis and cold symptoms as well as intestinal worms. Lemon is also said to act as a sedative for the nerves and heart.

On the vitamin and nutrient count, lemon contains high levels of natural vitamin C, and potassium as well as small amounts of niacin and thiamine.

So, if your Solar Chakra could use some speeding up or slowing down, the magic food balancer may be lemon. The healthy living experts recommend you mix lemon juice (half a lemon) with warm water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. You can thankfully mix in honey as well!

Personally.. I'm thinking lemon squares might be good, or better yet that Pavlova recipe a friend of mine gave me....

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