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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Return of Nanny McPhee & Lessons for Healing

I watched Emma Thompson in "The Return of Nanny McPhee". Great movie! I like kids movies that work out well from beginning to end without a whole lot of angst in between. I also see the "magic" from a new perspective and figure it's likely a lot closer to reality than we give credit for.

Nanny McPhee's theme is a little like that of Mary Poppins. Nanny arrives suddenly when there is an element of chaos involving misbehaving children. In a pretty gruff way and with a bit of magic, Nanny encourages the children to adopt new styles of behavior and order, fun, and love are all restored. Nanny McPhee has a motto: "As long as you don't want her, she has to stay. When you want her, she has to leave."

It seems to me that all the tough life lessons, including illness, follow that motto a bit. They often appear to come from nowhere when in reality if we had of been paying attention, all the signs of chaos were evident. Likely the people around us had been seeing that chaos for quite some time- perhaps even warning us. The more we fight against the situation or an illness, the more attached to us it seems to be. It follows us everywhere. Like Nanny McPhee, it invades our home, stirs up our lives, and every time we turn around we bump into it. Then somewhere along the line, without us realizing how, the attachment to the illness or the uncomfortable situation or event, gradually becomes rather comfortable. We get used to it and in that there seems to be a sense of comfort. It becomes a part of us. We start taking on titles like "sick", or "__________ "(insert the name of the illness), or "divorced", or "widowed", or "clumsy", "scatter-brained", "a bully" etc. etc. Then just when we feel comfortable in the role, no matter how dysfunctional it is, life throws us another curve and change occurs that requires a different set of skills or more adaptation. The initial illness or situation to which we have become accustomed- leaves.

There is a distinct difference between the "practically perfect in every way" Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee. When Nanny McPhee first appears she has some rather alarming disfigurements. She has two moles on her face that any dermatologist would excise immediately and judging by the rate of growth, I would imagine they would turn out to be called cancerous. She has a rather bulbous nose that would be ideally suited for plastic surgery and likely gives her sinus problems. She has a protruding tooth that most definitely disrupts her bite, and perhaps causes TMJ issues. And she has a distinct middle-age, extra 20 pounds settled in the hips, appearance. Oh yes, and she is accompanied by a rather rude crow that has some addiction issues.

However, as Nanny McPhee helps others heal, she loses her disfigurements one by one and we see a remarkable transformation occur. It would seem that in helping others, she helps herself- not that Nanny McPhee seems to need any help- but honestly she must feel better in the end!

With all that change going on, I think Nanny McPhee's life could have been a little easier if she passed out some of the Bach Flower essence Walnut. It's helpful for those that are finding it difficult to adapt to change including changing atmospheres and conditions. And let's face it, all that magic must be affecting the atmosphere!

I definitely would recommend Perelandra ETS for Animals for the poor crow. 10 drops of that in his water bowl might have made a huge difference!

In fact, with all that was going on- I would have recommended Perelandra ETS( Emergency Trauma Solution) for all the kids and the adults as well. I think it could have helped them cope much easier through some pretty tough emotionally times. Lots of trauma going on there- good and bad!

If you want more information on the essences (either Bach or Perelandra) visit my website You can find links there to the Perelandra website as well.

If you want to just watch a good movie and enjoy swimming pigs, the cutest baby elephant and a heavy dose of magic- rent the movie!

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