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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friend Therapy

I was writing about very serious healing stuff this morning when something else surfaced that felt much more real and important and worthwhile writing about- friends.

And I realized that maybe friends really are the only therapy you'll ever need- like the picture says(in case you can't read print that small even with multiple glasses!).

I am really blessed with a lot of very true friends, many of whom don't even know the other ones. And each and every friend means something special and different to me and gives something different to me.

Those first few friends from childhood feel like root chakra to me. They provided safety and security from the very beginning and I have lots of wonderful early childhood memories because of them. When I tested the waters and moved into some independent teenage years moving through second chakra there were other friends that helped me push the boundaries. And in some cases, came charging through the boundaries with me! Through the development of self as I grew into a secure confident career and goal orientated me, friends were with me through those pursuits and helped me find my way. All my friends have places in my heart chakra and I have some that pushed me in that regard and through them I realized what true love really is. Some of them I don't really speak to anymore! But I know how much they actually helped me develop and I am appreciative of that and honor them for that. There are friends that challenge me to speak the truth of my throat chakra. And certainly it is in conversations with friends in late night and early morning chats that I have often figured out my own truth- thanks for listening! In the past few years I have had friends that really brought me in tune with the 6th chakra or "third eye chakra". It's from the encouragement of friends that I could accept I wasn't crazy- I really did "know" that stuff, and I have been able to grow. I think I have friends both here on earth and other parts unknown that touch my crown chara and are very much a part of my inner knowing and help me trust that sense.

I guess it is through friendship that we feel that connectedness that is so important and helps us realize ourselves - who we are and want to be as we continue to grow and develop through time.

So to all of you that at one time or another I have shared or will share laughter, tears, ice-cream, chocolate, cheap draft beer, Wonder Wine & salty potatoe chips, Red Wine & lobster, fine champagne, and chocolate again (in that order perhaps!)- Cheers and Right back at you!

And if life finds you "out of sorts" consider what chakra needs work and find the friend that fits that spot! All the therapy you'll ever need!

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  1. Two cookies with coloured sprinkles, four pepperoni sausages, a slice of swiss cheese and the last glass of white wine in the bottle pretty much covered the reading of this blog entry (had to get up in between and replenish the pepperoni supply) - and while my belly said "aaaahhhhh yes, yes, yes" to its comfort food supply, my heart said "mmmmmhhhhh, aaaaahhh , yeeessss!!!" to ITS comfort food supply ... Today, I had an email from an old school friend (of 40 or so years ago) as well as another one from her mother who was a good friend of my mom - I haven't seen or spoken to either since a couple of years and it was so wonderful to have this reconnection today.... and then, there is your blog on that same day, Heather!!Indeed, friends are connected on so many (chakra) levels, but ultimately always channeled through the heart. Friends do happen!! So does transsurfing....;o)