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Friday, December 17, 2010

Digital Story of Nativity

A couple of people sent me a link to a youtube production that is interesting. It isn't hugely profound and I don't think it will change your life or anything but it's just kind of an interesting example of how technology has expanded in a very short period of time. It's an example of how the nativity story might have played out given the technology of today.

Like the comments from the people that sent this to me, what strikes me more than the video itself is how much I really applaud whoever it was that put it all together. I rather suspect it was a 14 year old somewhere and while it might have taken me years, he or she probably did it in minutes. I would have had to take multiple computer courses. I would have had to make millions of phone calls to support desks and friends and "techno experts"- all of whom would have been under the age of 21 for sure.

It shows how talented and capable many people are with the use of technolgoy. What also continues to strike me is that people put these kinds of things up for others to enjoy just for the fun of it. They don't get money for doing it. In most cases we aren't even aware of who "they" are that put it up. I think that's interesting. Seems to show how willing we are to connect in ways we never have been before. Rather than be afraid or wary of the technolgoy that is availabe to us- lets just embrace it.

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