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Monday, January 10, 2011

Restless Sleep- Alternative Remedies

Seems like there was enough stuff going on this weekend to keep us up at night. From acts of violence to strange mass animal deaths- it's all fuel for tossing and turning in bed. Over the past few months, I've heard from a lot of people that are either having difficulty getting to sleep, are waking up through the night, or are experiencing vivid dreams and restless sleep.

Not sleeping well can be a vicious cycle. Being well rested is really one of the keys to maintaining and improving health. When you start to get tired and run down your body's immune system just isn't able to function at an optimal level and you are likely to experience colds and coughs that keep you up at night! Old muscle pains often return, you get more accident prone during the day, work becomes more stressful, and you can't seem to get things done as efficiently. The more frustrated you get over not sleeping the worse the problem becomes.

There are some alternative solutions that may helpful.

Of the Bach Flower essences, White Chestnut is the remedy to try if you aren't sleeping because you can't stop your mind. If the same thoughts are going around and around in your head, you are playing out mental arguments, or trying to find solutions to problems from the day- White Chestnut is recommended. White Chestnut is described as being helpful if your mind is like a stuck record (if you are old enough to understand that reference!); arguments go around and around leading to a troubled mind. The person that can benefit from White Chestnut may find it difficult to concentrate during the day as well and they may appear inattentive or not answer when spoken to. White Chestnut can help balance you so that worry is replaced with trust in a positive outcome. It can help clear your head so that your thinking is more in control and rather than "stuck" on an issue, you can work through effective problem solving strategies.

If you are finding your sleep interrupted by nightmares, Rock Rose is the Bach Flower essence that is indicated. If you wake up with your heart pounding feeling real terror because of something in your dreams, Rock Rose can be very helpful. Rock Rose often helps children with night terrors or nightmares.

Other Bach Flower essences may be indicated depending on your personal reasons for not being able to sleep. Red Chestnut and Pine may be helpful depending on your concerns.

A lot of my clients lately have found the Perelandra essence ETS Plus (Emergency Trauma Solution) to be extremely helpful for restless sleep, even when Bach Flowers haven't helped. ETS Plus is created from 153 different plants, minerals, natural gases and elements found in the sea, atmosphere and on land. Machaelle Small Wright, the founder of Perelandra, creates this essence with nature and combines the electrical patterns only of the elements used and stabilizes these patterns in water. Because only the electrical patterns are used, no allergic reactions or side effects are triggered. The water solution is preserved in brandy or vinegar according to your preference. It's pretty hard to say why or how this one works, but people are certainly reporting to me that it does. If your sleep is restless, you are having difficulty getting to sleep or are waking up through the night with strange dreams or pains, ETS Plus seems to help. Some clients have reported they keep the bottle by their bed and if they wake up they take 10 drops and find they can go right back to sleep again.

There are lots of personal home remedies for difficulty sleeping as well such as warm milk, herbal teas, marjoram as a aromatherapy technique, and my personal favorite - shutting off the television earlier!

Seems as though problems sleeping have been prevalent throughout the ages, so before you try some "new and improved drug" do some research and see if there might be a gentler more effective solution for you.

For more information on Bach Flower remedies or Perelandra essences as sleep aids, check out my website at You will find a link there directly to the Perelandra website as well.

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