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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Long stem roses, wild rose & ambition to change

For some reason roses have been making their way to my consciousness lately. I have found myself having conversations about them, using the essential oil, and today it was even mentioned in my horoscope! With that many signs I thought I should pay attention.

My initial reaction to roses is not positive- at least to the long-stemmed dozen roses type. In fact, anyone who has ever taken my crisis intervention course that included a module on domestic abuse heard my tirade about those poor flowers. I have seen long-stemmed red roses on too many occasions be a peace offering by abusive men to their partners in the honeymoon stage of a violent abuse cycle. Watch any horror movie of guy stalks and kills girl, or read any of the serial killer books about characters like Ted Bundy and you'll see long-stemmed rose roses featured. They will be offered as a gift to a victim. It isn't the flowers, it's the intention behind it and the lack of thought I think. Maybe the idea that one can buy forgiveness or love. I'm not entirely sure why but it sets up a huge red flag for me.

Wild Roses though- a whole different thing! I love wild roses. I think their scent is absolutely heavenly. The Wild Rose is a Bach flower essence. It is indicated for those that are resigned to an unpleasant situation. People who benefit from the Bach flower Wild Rose don't complain and are typically very apologetic even for things that could never be seen as their fault. Although their situation is not pleasant, when in a Wild Rose state, the person makes no effort to change their circumstances. They are resigned to their situation more than actually depressed. They just accept life as the way it is and lack energy and ambition to change and reach their full potential. Taking the Bach flower Wild Rose helps restore a lively interest in life and the world in general. When balanced, the Wild Rose state gives way to ambition and a sense of purpose. The person becomes able to accept responsibility for their lives and circumstances and uses their initiative to make changes. Seems like some of the people on the receiving end of those long-stemmed roses could actually benefit from the powers of the Bach flower essence Wild Rose.

Rose is also used in aromatherapy. It is considered a feminine scent and is helpful for regulating menstrual periods. It is also used to stabilize and uplift moods and is said to have powers of rejuvenation. It is believed to work on the heart and circulation and may be helpful for headaches, eczema, hayfever and as an antiseptic. The essential oil Wild Rose can help restore inner balance and relaxation.

In the Perelandra system of essences, there is a series of eight individual essences made from roses. In her book "Flower Essences," Machaelle Small Wright explains the Rose Essences "address the issue of the full internal process required during day to day change." They help you deal with everyday change no matter what the issue.

It seems to me as though the rose is a story of change. So if you aren't exactly where you want to be right now and have been avoiding taking the initiative to move through to "the other side", consider the rose as a tool to help you gain balance. Maybe I can change my opinion of roses! Perhaps I can accept them as the beautiful flowers they are. May all your roses be positive.

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