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Friday, January 21, 2011

Feel walked on? Consider trying Centaury Bach flower

If your New Year's resolutions were along the lines of "stand my ground", "stick up for myself", "don't take any more $%#@" or something along those lines, and you feel the control slipping away, the Bach flower essence Centaury might be calling you. Dr. Bach described Centaury types as being "doormats". When in a Centaury state you lack the power or ability to resist being used by everyone or certain someone(s). Centaury types don't put up any struggle against bullies but in fact let themselves be walked on.

Centaury actually shares a lot of similarities with Agrimony (check out the blog entry from December 29th). Both these types are passive and accept the world acting upon them rather than working to change the world, although Agrimony may have fooled themselves otherwise. Both wish to avoid conflict. The Centaury person avoids conflict by giving in to others and taking a subservient role. The Centaury person is dissatisfied with the state of affairs but would rather deny themselves and their own wishes than risk a confrontation. Centuary types are very anxious to "do the right thing" and are easily influenced by what other people dictate. Agrimony types are "characters" in that they take on roles. They may change roles to suit others, but they still project a sense of energy as they struggle to avoid conflict. Centaury types on the other hand really loose stature as they give in and give up. They don't carry the same intensity of emotions that Agrimony and others do. Instead they seem good-natured but unassertive, lying there passively while others run around, over and through them. In a Centaury state, you are out of touch with your own assertiveness and tend to lack energy and tire easily. Any fight you might have had is gone.

There is good news to this story! Taking Centuary can help balance your emotions so that you can serve willingly when appropriate without denying your own needs. Taking the essence can help you express and defend your own opinions. When you can gain this sense of being back in touch with what you really want, you can follow your own path with both energy and determination. Dr. Bach reported that when Centaury souls find their particular mission in life they are well along the road to being of great service to the universe because they have learned the lesson that development of soul qualities doesn't come from giving way to others, but through the assertion of your own will. It then becomes not about selfishness but about the willing act of service.

So if you can see footprints on your back, try a few drops of Centaury and see what emerges!

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