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Monday, January 17, 2011

Helping Horses Heal with Homeopathics and Perelandra

Remember that blog entry a few days ago when I talked about animals releasing energy in the pre-storm phase? Well, the storm has come and gone and a particular horse that I know and love is left limping in the aftermath. I saw her running like crazy through the woods on uneven frozen ground while the storm was building. I couldn't believe she would and could run so fast on that type of turf. I tried to warn her, but you can't tell a teenager anything!

By Friday afternoon she wasn't putting any weight on her right front leg and it was swollen and warm to the touch. Rather than say "I told you so", because that kind of talk goes right between horses ears, I decided to help support her healing process. I gave her 8 globules of Arnica Montana 30CH and 10 drops of Perelandra ETS-Plus for Animals.

Arnica Montana is one of the most well known homeopathic remedies. It is prepared from a herb that grows throughout Europe, Northern Asia and parts of the United States favoring high altitudes. Arnica promotes healing, controls bleeding, and reduces swelling.It is recommended as one of the first homeopathics to use for almost any injury requiring first aid and can be helpful for broken bones, bruising, strains and sprains, head injuries,and joint pain. Arnica is indicated regardless of whether or not the injury is to human or animal. The 30 CH formulation of Arnica is the common preparation available in health food stores, and pharmacies although the 200CH version is a nice one to have around as well. Arnica has become so popular you can typically find it in most pharmacies as creams and salves in the first aid section.

Perelandra ETS Plus is an emergency trauma solution formulated especially for illness and injuries in animals. It is recommended for any accident, illness or trauma that affects an animal and also addresses the emotional component that is typically part of any injury. In fact Perelandra can be helpful for anxiety and fears in animals as well. It might have been a good idea for me to give Perelandra ETS-Plus in the pre-storm build up to this incident! ETS Plus is said to stabilize the animal physically, mentally and emotionally after experiencing any trauma. It can eliminate the complications that may occur with an injury or illness and allow medical treatment to be more effective.

By Saturday morning (after one dose of Arnica and ETS-Plus), the horse I was treating was putting weight on her leg although still favoring it, and the leg was still swollen but there was no longer any heat to the area. I repeated the same dose twice on Saturday (morning and late afternoon). Through the day on Saturday she was putting weight on the leg and barely limping- unless she knew I was watching! I repeated the same dose on Sunday morning but there was no swelling, she had no issues with me touching it and she was putting weight on it without any apparent problems. When I went out to deliver Sunday's second dose, she came flying down the hill at a wild canter and came to a sliding stop to receive the treatment. I cut a small hole in an apple, insert the arnica globules, replace the apple plug and give her the dose that way. I place the ETS-Plus drops on a dry treat and administer them that way but you can also administer directly from the dropper. Be careful when using the dropper directly as it's glass and teeth and glass don't' make a good combination!!

So in total she received 5 doses of the Arnica and Perelandra. She is still a little stiff in the morning on that leg and I may follow up with Rhus Toxicodendron 30CH, another homeopathic if that persists, but at this point she's healing on her own. At no time did I try to restrict her movement (a common practice in the horse world). I wouldn't really be able to do that anyway- and I am a believer in reality! She doesn't have a stall or barn but lives in mostly treed, some open space area with a shelter that she rarely uses (and didn't use at all during this event including the actual storm). Her hay is spread out throughout the paddock so she travels to eat. When the leg was bothering her the most she might have stayed a bit longer at each pile of hay before traveling on to another, but not much. She seemed to prefer to keep moving.

She is back to bugging her brother- a clear sign for all teenagers that "all is well".

For more information on homeopathics and essences check out my website There is a homeopathic First Aid guide on the side that you can download for free.

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