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Monday, January 24, 2011

If Cinderella wore cowboy boots...

Recently a certain pair of cowboy boots have made an unusual appearance in my life. They appeared at the same time that I was considering Centuary from the previous blog and that got me thinking...

Cinderella from the children's story/Walt Disney movie, is a classic Centuary type in her relationship to her stepmother and sisters. She does all the dirty work rather than engage in conflict. She doesn't refuse to do the work or stand her ground. She isn't happy about taking all that guff, that is always evident, but she just does it rather than fight.

As the story goes, out of nowhere a Fairy Godmother appears, waves a magic wand, and Cinderella is wearing a beautiful ball gown, glass slippers and has a coach and driver to escort her to the Prince's Ball. All goes according to plan until Cinderella has to make a sudden getaway.

The way I see it. No matter what, high heeled glass shoes put a girl in a vulnerable position. Of course you can't run in those things, and one of Cinderella's gets left behind. Bad things turn into good things in fairy tales so the Prince finds the slipper and being the expensive quality custom made shoes that they are, no one else quite fits them except Cinderella and this becomes her ticket to riding off in the sunset with the Prince- Happy Ever After.

I'm not buying that. The way I see it, Cinderella traded her subservience to the stepsisters over to subservience to a Fairy Godmother, and then most likely subservience to a Prince that is used to having things his way and likely to be a pretty domineering King!

If Cinderella had of had some of the Bach flower essence Centuary, she might have been able to work with that Fairy Godmother a bit. Rather than just allow her destiny to be controlled by external factors, she could have become involved in the whole costume design aspect prior to that ball. Cinderella was beautiful and she could definitely have been a fashion trend setter rather than following conventional scripts. If she had ditched those high-heeled glass slippers for a really great pair of cowboy boots she would have looked great and also been able to run when the time called for it. She could have left that slow moving pumpkin coach behind and actually rode one of the white horses off to a sunset of her choosing. Rather than a prince maybe she would have found a cowboy she really liked- one that admired her for her independent spirit. Unhampered by the opinions of others who knows what Cinderella could have morphed into.

The moral of my story? Instead of waiting for a Fairy Godmother to get you into a better place, try a bit of Bach flower essences via Pixie Dust Healing at

There is a reason why cowboy boots are very much in style these days!!

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