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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Performance Anxiety? Lack of confidence? Try Larch

Most times Bach flower essence therapy is pretty subtle. People tend to experience gradual improvements as they balance their emotions and reactions. Often the change is first perceived by others around you as you accommodate to the changes within. The exception to the gradual nature can often be seen when using Rescue Remedy for crisis situations. A few drops or a couple of sprays of Rescue and you can see a person gain control. You can definitely feel yourself relax, gain perspective and calm. Every once in awhile the reaction to a specific remedy can be just as dramatic.

A few days ago, in a chance coincidence that likely wasn't, I ran into a friend of mine in a panic. He had an important presentation due the next morning and mid-afternoon the day before he realized he had prepared for the wrong topic. He said he was absolutely sick to his stomach- in fact he was buying an antacid when we met! The reaction was actually pretty out of character for him but therefore even more dramatic. I could actually feel the panic. Probably because it's not all that "out of character" for me to make a mistake like that! You know that feeling when either your heart drops into your stomach or you stomach rises into your chest- hard to tell which one is happening but it's very unpleasant. You just can't believe you've made that type of mistake and therefore can't get your head around fixing it.

I asked why he couldn't adjust and revise and he really couldn't answer. Instead he was trying to think up ways to cancel the meeting or make excuses - maybe present the wrong stuff and hope no one would notice! He was really in a mess of a sudden attack of "I just can't".

I suggested he try the Bach flower Larch. Ready to grasp on to anything at that point he followed me to my box of Bach. I will confess I didn't just give him 2 drops as is typically recommended by the Bach Centre. It was more like 30 drops! I just dumped it into his water bottle.

Within 2 hours he called me. He was a changed man. He had a new presentation completed, rehearsed and was feeling good about his abilities again. It was very dramatic. He had gone to "I just can't" to "of course I can" in the course of a couple of hours- no help from anyone else.

Larch is the Bach flower that is indicated for such a crisis of confidence. It is for people that are afraid to try because they are sure in advance that they will fail. Secretly they know they have the potential to achieve but they refuse to acknowledge their abilities in order to avoid the risk of failing. Larch is an excellent remedy to use before exams, interviews, or any type of performance or presentation. Larch can help you regain your sense of confidence so you are able to accept risks and move forward.

Like the little engine that could, sometimes all you need is the knowledge that you can!

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