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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Christmas in August: Pre-Order my Book!

I know, I know, it's only August and not time to be thinking of Christmas and yet.... Haven, a T.V. series that focuses on paranormal activity films close to my part of the world and they have the streets in town decorated in Christmas theme for the latest episode. Not only that, the other day we received the Christmas Wish Book coupon/card in the mail. You know, the little postcard you take in to the store to actually receive a copy of the catalogue? It makes you feel special somehow to have that coupon in your hand so you can exchange it for the real thing.

As kids, somewhat heathen in our approach to Christmas, the arrival of the Wish Book, heralded Christmas much more than the Advent candles. We used to pour over each page and make our letters to Santa, revised several times before finally mailed.

I can't believe the catalogue always came out this early, but maybe it did.  I remember getting the little card for it in the mailbox.  My sister used to latch onto that vital piece of paper. I wasn't allowed to actually hold the coupon, just gaze at it while she held on. Impatiently, we waited outside on the steps until Dad came home from work so we could try and convince him to immediately turn around, go back to town, and redeem the coupon for the book. Sometimes I think he even did! Are you sensing the theme here in my blog posts? I guess I could have used a dose of the Bach Flower essence Impatiens way back then...

When my daughter was little she carried on the Wish Book tradition except that, as is her way, she added a new twist. She cut out the picture of what she wanted Santa to bring and pasted it onto a letter rather than waste all that effort to try and write the description! Luckily, Santa must have had his own version of an "uncut" Wish Book and seemed capable of  matching her pictures to the item description. She usually got what she wanted, but I wonder if Santa had some late nights pouring over the catalogue trying to match the picture to the description?

Part of my recent holding pattern/impatience theme is because I have a new book in the process of being published.  It feels a bit like waiting for the catalogue to come, having already seen the coupon. And, like the Wish Book, "Sweet Shack & Bach Bar" will be out in time for Christmas.

"Sweet Shack & Bach Bar" fits into the genre of "creative non-fiction".  It's novella in length -a quick and easy read with recipes to try at home.  Today's picture is a copy of the front cover. The book is about food, chakras, Bach Flower essences, and emotional healing. And there is a Wise Woman, a bit of magic, and some dimension hopping in there as well. You'll see some similarities to some of my blog posts.

Unlike the Wish Book, you don't need a coupon to get your own copy.  Like the Wish Book, it is being printed in limited copies with a small print run. So to ensure you get yours, pre-order now and it will come in the mail to you well before Christmas.  You can pre-order online, directly from the publisher

Merry Christmas!

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