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Monday, August 29, 2011

Calm After the Storm

I realize for a lot of people, today is a day of damage assessment, clean up, and perhaps some heart break in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. If that's the case, I'm sorry for your loss.  But in my part of the world, Hurricane Irene blew through here with some wind and rain, but today we are enjoying the "calm after the storm".  A lot of people talk about the "calm before the storm". That's the sense of foreboding that something is about to happen and a feeling that often occurs before a big event.  But, in my opinion, there is a much more pleasing sense of calmness and peace after a storm has past- the type of day we are having today.

If you did your "pre-storm" preparation, and you didn't end up getting hit too hard anyway, this sensation of "post storm calm" is particularly delicious and is reason enough to prepare the next time- just to experience the sensation.

In anticipation of power outages, I did a lot of "chores" like laundry and cleaning. We picked up things lying around the yard, and got a few days worth of "easy meals" from the grocery store. I made Ginger cookies- to satisfy the root chakra during storms so we still have them to enjoy today as well.  For some reason, part of my storm prep usually involves a need to clean the floors- no idea why- but today even my floors are clean- a nice feeling in itself. Perhaps because, around here, a clean house is a pretty unusual treat!  I don't have to go to the grocery store, I don't have to go to the gas station, I have not need to tidy up or clean. I can just enjoy the fact that things have been down in advance and I can relax and enjoy this free time that early preparations afford me now.

We did have a lot of wind and some dark gloomy skies and downpours.  That means that today I really fully appreciate the sun in full force and a light gentle breeze . In Mary Poppin tradition, I believe that storm winds are "winds of change". It seems like after a storm has unleashed it's power, and blown through, there is a "newness" to the world that is meant to be enjoyed. It's a chance to start fresh with nature.

The storm winds seem to have blown away the heavy muggy, humid atmosphere that was hanging around prior to the storm.  And it that's not enough to change the atmosphere, we have also entered into a new moon cycle.  That means time to bring new things to you and improve your situation or enjoy exactly where you are right now.

Another change to the atmosphere occurred on Friday, August 26th or thereabout, when mercury moved out of it's retrograde position. That means we should now start to enjoy communications without the mis-direction and chance for error that mercury in retrograde can bring people.

We are just days away from entering a new month.  September often brings changes for people and is the start of something new- a new school year, new occupational pursuits, the start of new projects, and a shift in our thinking somehow. It seems like this week, we start to shift out of lazy hazy days of summer into new energy and opportunities.

If such change is uncomfortable, you might want to consider the Bach Flower Walnut. You also might want to consider just getting out in nature and allowing the flow of "newness" to permeate you.  Forget yourself and your "human-made" issues, problems, and schedules for a minute.  Since you spent some time preparing yourself, and now have some free time- use it.  Smell the fresh scents that the rain and wind brings- inhale the scent of apples ripening, and late flowers blooming. 
And in the spirit of "the new", check out my website  Thanks to Jodie's preparation and extra effort in the dead of night, because she anticipated loosing power in the storm that wasn't, it has a newness as well- a couple of updates!

Above all, breathe in, breathe out, and feel confident that the storm energy has released something for you and  new opportunities are coming your way.

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