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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Animal Signs: Wild Horse

Horses have always been a part of my life. As a child I craved horse contact. It wasn't so much about riding, although I enjoyed that too, it was about having the connection, just being close to them. As an adult, I choose to have horses in my life. They just feel like a necessary part of my world.

It is not surprising to me that the Wild Horse is a totem animal. Daniel Mapel in, "Into The Heart of the Wild", describes the wild horse as "a tonic of the heart". He writes that the horse nurtures our sense of loving openness, belonging, and connection with others. Mapel recommends the essence for those that have "lost heart", need to mend a broken heart, or have been emotionally hurt.

The horse has a strong connection to the heart chakra. That's the chakra that resonnates with love for both self and others. It's focused on empathy and true unconditional compassion. An unbalanced heart chakra is sometimes expressed in narcissiam, bitterness or arrogance. There are foods and bach flowers to aid an unbalanced heart chakra.

Issues with the heart chakra often result in unclear boundaries. That type of love that is either all-consuming, or not nuturing enough. Perhaps this is where the horse comes in. Horses are very clear on boundaries. They are very in tune with their environment and the laws of nature. In the wild, they are prey, not predators, so they have to be very aware of whether or not you are friend or foe. They don't take relationships lightly. You have to earn the trust of a horse, but once you have it, it's a connection like no other.

You can't fake it with a horse- at least not a wild one. They sense your fear, and know if you're trying to trick them. They also know if you really love them.

It might not just be the heart chakra that responds to the horse. Perhaps, the horse, as an animal sign, points to that opening and balancing of the high heart. Horses quite frequently "go off" to another dimension even while they remain very rooted in the present place, alert for danger. They are good day dreamers and can be standing in the sun, not really here, yet the slightest sign of danger can have them rocketing off. I think they understand the high heart abilities to connect with something far beyond our earthly boundaries. Perhaps their sense of boundaries isn't anything near what we would think. Perhaps they are helping us connect with that universal love.

If you feel drawn to the energy of horses, it might be that you just need that heart chakra connection. Allow that energy to support you in the journey. If you're lucky enough to be able to get close to a hors, breathe in their scent. In my mind, there is nothing that smells better than the scent of a horses' skin, and not much that feels better than the touch of their nose against your face. Enjoy the connection. Feel the love. Allow the journey.


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  2. Thanks for the support. It really helps every once and awhile to know I'm not writing this just for myself!!