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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Email Subscription to Pixie Dust Healing Blog

I've just added a new feature on my blog called an email subscription. On the top left area of the blog you'll see a blank square and the button "submit". If you type in your email address and submit, you verify your email and you'll receive an email in your inbox titled "FeedBurner Email Subscription". You follow that email link to confirm and presto- done!

Then any time I add a new post to the blog you'll automatically get that post in your inbox. Although I usually post something every day from Monday to Friday, I'm pretty erratic with the timing. This way you don't have to check in, only to find nothing new posted.

This doesn't cost you anything. I've tried it on one of my own email addresses and nothing blew up! I won't do anything with your email- trust me- I don't know how!!!

If this does, or doesn't work, post a comment please!

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