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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting Started with Perelandra Essences

I have been using Perelandra essences both personally and with clients for quite awhile now and I often mention them in my blog posts. You can find all posts that pertain to them by using the search button at the top of the blog and typing in Perelandra. (I've just added this feature to the blog site so if you use it and it works - or doesn't, please send me a comment to let me know!) I did realize however, that it might be helpful to have a basic "Perelandra 101" post to explain the essences and their use. Before I do that, I should start with the caveat that this is my interpretation and explanation. If you want to do your own research direct from the source (and I encourage you to do that) go to the Perelandra website www.perelandra-ltd.comYou can also order all of the products directly from their site.

I'm not sure how I first found Perelandra essences. They were yet another one of those things that just "came to me". I started by reading Machaelle Small Wright's books. Machaelle is the founder /co-creator of the Perelandra essences and her story in itself is fascinating. I was hooked!

Perelandra essences are both very simple and very complex. For me at least, Perelandra was something I had to "feel" my way through and discover a piece at a time. I'm still learning and trying to sort it all out.

Like Bach Flower essences, Perelandra essences are created by using a vibrationalor electrical energy from nature. This energy is infused into water and a preservative in a very natural and gentle way. Both Bach Flowers and Perelandra use alcohol as the main preservative. Both also offer the essences preserved in vinegar if you have an aversion to alcohol.

The Perelandra essences differ from Bach flowers in that they are not just taken from flowers. The materials are not found in the wild in the same fashion that Dr. Bach used. Machaelle Small Wright works with nature to create the essences in the garden she maintains for these purposes. The creation part of the process is something that is complex for the rest of us to understand I think, but simple for Machaelle. And if you can separate your need for scientific explanation and allow yourself to feel the power of the essences you'll be able to accept that the process "just is" and "just works". If you want more explanation, Machaelle has written lots of books on the subject and she doesn't try to hide any information or keep the process secret in any way. If it's within your understanding you're welcome to the information, but you don't have to understand it to have it work for you. I like that.

Perelandra started out as a gardening process. Machaelle grew some really great vegetables and flowers in what should have been pretty poor conditions because she listened to nature. Perelandra can still be a gardening tool if you want to use it that way. There are workbooks on how to use the Perelandra process to improve your soil and garden. There is an Emergency Trauma Solution (ETS) Plus for Soil remedy and a Soil Balancing Kit as well. Machaelle has developed protocols on how to use these materials for your garden. This isn't like buying a bag of fertilizer though. You will have to become involved. It's not about buying something from someone else that will fix your issues. It's about using the experience gained from Perelandra to find your own way. There is lots of help from the Perelandra help line, the books, and email support if you need it along the way, but you will have to do some work. Did I mention you have to be involved?

Along her remarkable journey, Machaelle starting developing essences that were helpful for her health, and turns out, for the rest of us as well. That's the line of healing essences for humans and pets. As a new set of essences were developed, Perelandra made them available to everyone else. There are 5 different sets of essences. They include: The Rose essences, The Perelandra Garden essences, The Rose essences II, the Nature Program essences, and the Soul Ray essences.

Dr. Bach created Bach flowers in a similar fashion. He started out with the twelve healers, then added four helpers, then another three helpers and then another nineteen were added after that. If you weren't following along, you would just know of the 38 essences and consider them all equally important for different issues. I think the Perelandra line is very similar. We are seeing the developmental layers of creation.

The 5 sets of individual essences are used to help "balance, stabilize and repair specific electrical circuits in the human body". They are based on the principle that when your electrical circuits are compromised, illness and issues can result.

But that's not all... Machaelle kept creating. While the individual essences may be required for specific and sudden needs, she also recognized the need to provide daily balance or support to specific body systems. For this there is a line of Microbial Balancing Solutions (MBP Balancing Solutions). These solutions are combinations created specially for each of 13 body systems (ex. cardiovascular, cell, digestive, reproductive). These solutions are taken either once or twice a day depending on your need. They are safe for adults, children and pets. The bottles are labeled with how many drops to take (between 4 and 8 drops). Just as with Bach Flowers, Perelandra MBP solutions don't "fix" your body. They allow your body to repair itself and function properly.

There is a Perelandra emergency solution that is much the same idea as the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. Emergency Trauma Solution (ETS) Plus for humans helps with acute emergency situations. There is also an ETS Plus for Animals. These solutions are taken as required. The label suggests 10-12 drops every 3-5 minutes for the first 20 minutes after trauma.

So with all these options (and a few more that I didn't get into), how do you figure out what's for you? This is another one of those simple and complex pieces.

Perelandra is quite different from Bach Flowers in regards to selection. You don't match a description to your feelings or complaints to use perelandra. Instead, selection of the essences is based on kinesiology. There are a lot of different methods of using kinesiology. In an earlier post I outlined the Perelandra suggestion

It doesn't get any easier than kinesiolgoy in order to identify what you need, but this is also a pretty difficult concept for people to get around. It doesn't feel as "scientific" as research and reading and matching a complaint to a remedy. It isn't about someone else telling you what you need to take. It goes back to that dreaded - personal involvement piece! Hmmm...

For some people, I think kinesiology feels like "who doo voo doo" magic and that's perhaps frightening. It's worth getting past that fear though...

If you're still lost and don't know where to start, can't quite get into kinesiology and need some "proof first", start with a bottle of ETS Plus. If you have pets, start with a bottle of ETS Plus for animals. Keep it close to you and the next time you have a stressful incident, traumatic event, or "bad feeling"- try it. Then come back and read this blog again and check into Perelandra for other things. Ease into the process slowly by starting with ETS Plus. Feel your way through it.

There are similarities and differences between Bach Flowers and Perelandra that can make it confusing to figure out which you should turn to if you try to think too hard. If you feel your way through it, you'll find there are times when your issues are very "emotion based". For me, that feels like a Bach Flower remedy. There are other times when issues feel a bit "out of this world", deeper or higher than emotions, perhaps more of a spirit level. For me, that feels like a time to consider Perelandra. I haven't replaced Bach Flowers with Perelandra. Not at all. Instead, I see Perelandra as yet another tool that can help me, and others, through the journey as we adjust to changes from within and without.

Enjoy the journey!


  1. Thanks for the info. Heard about this stuff from a friend, but couldn't find a lot of info on it aside from the maker. I'm new to the concepts of kinesiology, but my fiancee and her family are all about it, so I've been introduced to it.

  2. Glad to be able to help. If you start out with ETS you can't go wrong!