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Friday, August 12, 2011

Full Moon Intensity: Staying True to Self

I think these are pretty intense times right now no matter where you are living and what you are doing.  This intensity seems to be apparent at all levels; personal, universall, and everything in between.

Tomorrow is a  full moon which brings yet another layer of intensity to things. During this full moon we also have an accumulation of meteor showers and the comet Honda is floating around up there as well . It  comes very close to the earth on August 15th. The last time it passed this close was 1975- the same time China experienced a major earthquake according to Mahala Gayle, in her Planet Alert August newsletter

This full moon is in Aquarius. According to my We'Moon book, the moon in Aquarius connects us to each other and our sense of community. It's a time when we are asked to walk our talk.  It is considered to be a good time to integrate your philosophy with your politics.  Hmm..

I say a quote today that recommended you "don't get trapped in dogma because that's the results of someone else's thinking". In Webster's Dictionary, dogma is defined as "a system of doctrines proclaimed by an authority as true." That sounds like politics. So perhaps it's worth taking some time to reflect on what it is you really believe versus what you may be following, or buying into, because it's become dogma.

That sounds pretty easy, but I don't imagine it is. If you start to consider all the powers of authority you have bought into over the years, it can become pretty difficult to really figure out what it is you believe to be true. It might even be a bit painful as you question your beliefs and define your own philosophy of life. But defining your own philosophy is the easiest part.  Once you have it sorted out, living it may become the difficult piece.

It's easier to live by the "dogma of the day". There is comfort in going with the system and not having to consider if your actions make sense or not. It's also giving away your personal power in order to be looked after.  I guess everyone wants to be looked after every now and then, but maybe in these intense times it's appropriate to reconsider that and start claiming back your power and looking after yourself. Really looking after yourself- according to your own philosophy.

The good news is, you don't have to convince anyone other than yourself what it is you believe in. It's better if you don't. Discovering your philosophy is really not a group activity, as much as we would like to believe it is. If you examine your truths in a group, I believe you come up with a revised "dogma". Politics work their way in there again.

It was once dogma that the earth was flat. Everyone that was anyone, believed it. This could be a fearful concept if you think about it. It meant if you sailed too far out there you were going to "drop off". A pretty good method of control. Not too many people will go wondering off to set up their own empires. I wonder how many people never really believed in that concept. Instead, quietly to themselves, they thought the world might have some rounded edges. Perhaps they didn't "do" much about that, but they lived with a whole lot less fear, especially when they were in a sail boat in strong winds. It didn't hurt anyone to have their "rounded" beliefs. They didn't argue the fact, or write books about the concept. They didn't market the concept. They just "had a knowing" that made them feel better about things. I suspect if close friends ever brought up the question of a flat earth, they told them what they believed. Maybe some of their friends considered it, maybe even changed their mind, and felt a little more peaceful themselves. Most friends probably just looked at them sideways and decided they were off on another crazy tangent but it didn't really seem harmful- just nuts. I'll bet they made up stories for their children about magical lands where the earth was round and you could sail all the way around and come back home again. Perhaps those fantasy stories gave their children courage. Perhaps their children built bigger sails for their ships.

William Shakespeare wrote" to thy own self be true". I like that quote. It takes the pressure off. You don't need to convince anyone else, you just do what you know to be right for you.

If you need help finding your philosophy and sticking to it, especially during opposing dogma, consider the Bach flower essence Cerato. Cerato is helpful for people that don't trust their own judgement. It can help you find your truths from within, rather than polling your neighbours and  following someone else's advice. Cerato helps you balance all that incoming information so you can distinguish your own inner voice. It helps you find the strength to trust that small voice.

So tonight, under the light of the moon, instead of reading a book, write your own words. Don't write the world's greatest novel, or the next classic textbook. Write something only you need to read. Listen to you inner voice and find your own words.

Create something just for you, by you. Use this intensity to find your power.

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