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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cycles and Rhythms

The days are starting to feel a bit different to me here in my part of the world at least. Intellectually, it should still be summer and yet, it's as though I can feel the universe starting to shift just a bit into a new cycle towards fall.  It isn't the absence of hot temperatures or the sun because we haven't seen a lot of either one of those all summer! It's more just a slight change to the angle of the sun and things just kind of smell different to me. People are talking about heading back to school although it's still, blessedly, weeks away, and the seed catalogs that came out in the spring are being replaced with fall clothes catalogues.

We are heading toward a full moon on August 13th , more evidence of the definable cycles and rhythms of the universe. In her Planet Alert Newsletter, Mahala Gayle, describes a lot of changes to the cycles and rhythms of the planet. She writes that we are now in a new Mayan Dreamspell and this cycle is the year of the White Wizard. A time to "go with the flow" she writes.

In Doreen Virtue's "Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards", Maeve is the goddess of cycles and rhythms- the card is today's picture. Maeve is a Celtic goddess that is considered a symbol of feminine power and a bit of a warrior. Maeve really celebrated her feminine side and didn't shy away from her cycles and rhythms. Legend has it that she invoked labor pains on anyone invading her land. She also demanded the battle cease during her menstrual cycles.  Brings a whole new meaning to "you go girl"!  Maybe as the world shifts into more feminine energy we all need a little bit of Maeve to help us accept the changing cycle.

If you can manage to "go with the flow" and accept changing rhythms and cycles, both within and without, you'll be able to enjoy change from a place of peace. For some people, however, changing rhythms are unsettling and not that comfortable.

Dr. Bach developed four essences within his category of "Oversensitivity". In my opinion, that's the natural category to consider if you're feeling uncomfortable with the changes around you or within you. The essences in this grouping include; Walnut, Agrimony, Centaury, and Holly.

Walnut is the Bach Flower essence most often recommended for change. It is helpful if you feel over-sensitive to ideas, atmospheres and influences. Lots of my past blog posts have talked about Walnut It's a handy essence to have around as it helps you stay flexible but rooted during change- swaying with the wind but not falling over.

Agrimony might be an essence to consider during times of changing cycles. It's an essence to consider if what you feel on the inside doesn't quite match with what you portray on the outside. Agrimony types don't like conflict and go to great lengths to avoid or smooth it over.  If the changing cycles or rhythms are creating an uncomfortable sense of conflict, anxiety or churning, restless thoughts ( or restless nights), Agrimony might be the essence to help ease you through it.

Centaury types sometimes have difficulty keeping true to themselves during changing cycles and rhythms. They pick up on the rhythms of others and often give in rather than expressing themselves, or maintaining their own cycle and flow. Centaury types are easily influenced by dictators or bullies  Changing cycles often means a change in "leadership" and if you are dissatisfied with the new state of affairs, but need a bit of help to keep to your own path, Centaury might be helpful for you.

Dr. Bach also placed the flower essence Holly within the category of "oversensitivity". Sometimes that fact is lost a bit as Holly is considered the essence for anger, envy and jealousy.  But it's much more than that. Holly is often indicated when people are angry, envious or jealous because of an issue of the heart and a sense of disconnection with their source of love. Holly helps people open to universal love.  As we move into a new era of universal energy, we might need some help opening that High Heart Chakra.  I believe Holly might be a good remedy to allow this shift. 

Rhythms and cycles are an integral part of  life.  In fact maybe they are the definition of "life". That doesn't mean we accept the rhythms equally. Nor does it mean that we don't feel somewhat "unsettled" during the shifting patterns. I guess the lesson from Maeve is to honor the cycles, feel the emotions and celebrate "going with the flow".  Here's to bringing some Maeve into your life!

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