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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Help for "Holding Pattern"

Have you been experiencing that "holding pattern" feeling lately? It's the sensation that you are circling the airport, going around and around in a somewhat circular pattern without quite getting the go ahead to land on target. It can be a little dizzying, a little nauseating, and sometimes downright frustrating up there!

Maybe summertime is a bit of a holding pattern for nature. Spring is a pretty busy time with new growth all around us.It's a time for planting seeds and planning gardens. In the fall, we see a lot of changes again and we prepare for winter. Harvests are brought in, fruits and vegetables are canned and stored, and we get ready to ride out the storms. But summer just "is". At least, to the naked eye. In fact, all those seeds that were sown in the spring are actually growing right now, it's just that it's happening below the surface and not a lot you need to do, or can do, at this point. I'm not much of a gardener, so maybe that's not a good analogy. Perhaps I am supposed to be doing something that I'm not, but it seems like at this point, I'm just watching potatoes and tomatoes (my only "crops") grow, while nature does its thing underneath the surface, and above, in the form of sun, rain, and room to grow.

We look forward to summertime. There are songs, and poems written about the "lazy, hazy days of summer". We talk about the relaxation of summertime at the beach, or the backyard, or the pool deck. In the cold of winter we dream about the gentle breezes of summertime. In spring we can't wait for the days to get warmer and in the fall we lament, at least a little, the end of the summer season. And yet...

Perhaps we are not wired very well for that "holding pattern" of summer. The waiting to land period is not always that peaceful. We don't always use that extra down time to the best of our advantage. We worry about whether we choose the right airline, we wonder if we packed the right things, or if in fact, our luggage even made it onto the plane. We think about which gate we might be arriving at and worry we might get lost in the airport, the relatives might or might not be waiting for us, and we might not really be prepared for the change in altitude and scenery.

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable holding pattern, there are some essences that might help.

If you feel like you are in fact flying the plane, but you can't make the decision which runway you should land on, the Bach Flower Wild Oat might be the essence for you. Wild Oat can help provide a clear picture of what path you should take and you can use this time to ready yourself for the journey ahead.

If you feel like the pilot of this darn thing is just way to slow and not forceful enough to demand clearance to land, the Bach Flower Impatiens might be the essence for you. Impatiens can help you settle in to "lazy" days. It can help provide you the patience to soothe your sense of "too little time" so that you can relax into life, and the circling pattern a bit more. It might help you finish reading that last chapter in your book before you land, grab your carry on, and run off to be first in line to pick up your rental car.

If you have been trying to organize everybody on the plane in an effort to overtake the cockpit and demand the pilot land this thing, the Bach Flower Vervain might be the essence for you. It's helpful if your mind is racing ahead of you. If you find yourself drumming up projects just for the sake of "achieving", Vervain might be the essence for you.

From the Perelandra series, Ambassador might be a good essence to test as a potential to help you work through the sense of holding pattern. Ambassador has to do with your relationship as a part of the whole. Ambassador helps shift your position so that you can see how your pattern of movement fits into the larger pattern of the universe. Maybe you just need to switch to a window seat and enjoy the view!

Finally, if all this aviation talk has got you feeling like you're moving backward instead of forward, well, mercury is in retrograde again and will be in that pattern from August 2nd to the 26th apparently. All the more reason to return your seat to the upright position, fasten your seat belt, close you eyes and just peacefully wait for the landing secure in the knowledge that the pilot and the control tower know exactly what they are doing.

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